Social Media Poll Results

The results of the social media blog poll is clear. Facebook is the preferred tool we should be using.

The Future of setiQuest?

What is to become of setiQuest?

I think we all are frustrated that it has not blossomed into a vibrant on line community devoted to participating in the search. As a result of discussions on the weekly setiQuest IRC chat (Tuesdays, 11am California time, 18:00GMT, at irc:// we have come to a decision.


Introducing the SETILive Project

You can help us detect signals in Real-Time.

SETILive is a collaboration between the SETI Institute, TED, Science Channel and Zooniverse. Visit to get involved in the SETILive program. We need your help!

Astigmatic Filtering using Wavelets

This document describes some preliminary results obtained by using a Wavelet based noise removal technique to implement the astigmatic filtering briefly outlined in a previous blog. As before, the same synthetic Waterfall plot has been used to evaluate, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the methodology, which appears to be very good at removing the typical background noise present in the Waterfall diagrams.

ATA Relaunch Dec 5, 2011!

Dec 05, 2011

Today is the day! The ATA is relaunching after being in virtual hibernation since April 2011.

Astigmatic Filtering improves Waterfall Signal to Noise Ratio

This document outlines some interesting results following a simple experiment I have undertaken in preparation for undertaking a much more elaborate experiment into applying the Donoho & Johnstone methodology for noise reduction using a 2D Wavelet decomposition of a Waterfall plot. It should be emphasized that the results shown here are NOT based on this technique, but are based purely on linear filtering, and were meant to be a preliminary test of the validity of my assumptions.

Radon Transform provides alternative to Waterfall Plots

by: Dave Robinson

date: 7th November, 2011

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Poll Results - Are you concerned about space junk?

Are you concerned about space junk?

Our latest poll asked this question and the results are shown in the pie chart to the left. 

Here is my take on the results. 


I am here on my fourth trip to the ATA to help with un-hibernation efforts. The plan is to have our SETI searches operating by the end of the month. We will be announcing the exact date some time next week. At least that is the current plan.

Low frequency analysis of the Crab Pulsar Data

by Dave Robinson

11th October 2011

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