Davos Update

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Davos is beginning to feel a bit more familiar today – I’ve rediscovered the hole-in-the-wall shortcuts that make it possible to get around efficiently. I just saw President Clinton in his most charming ‘ladies man’ mode. He was holding a press conference (perhaps was trapped by the press) near the VIP exit, which also happens to be along side the bar where sandwiches and drinks are available. As he broke free from the press and he and his security detail headed towards the door, a very bold young barmaid rushed up and handed him a diet coke. She got the full-on brilliant Clinton smile and a warm hug as a reward. She raised her arm indicating ‘scored’ as she turned back to her fellow bartenders, who couldn’t quite believe her audacity. 

Met the US Ambassador to Switzerland and his wife who are interested in science and tech educations. They now have a handful of setiQuest stickers – maybe they’ll display them in Bern! After the morning sessions, I managed to commandeer a table and seat next to the staircase leading down to the major presentation stages. As I’ve struggled to keep up with email this past hour, wave after wave of heads of state and reporters have flowed up and down the stairs – it’s intriguing to watch. Also for the past 15 minutes there have been vaguely heard, mostly felt, percussions every 5 or 10 seconds. I’m assuming we aren’t under attack, but suspect that the avalanche cannons are doing their job aggressively – it’s been snowing since last night. I’m off to a session honoring the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women. Wonder if any of them would like to support SETI or buy a telecope?