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On Nov. 5-6, the SETI Institute joined in a worldwide collaboration on 5 continents, and 15 countries, including more than 50 professional astronomers to repeat the first SETI observation made 50 years ago by Frank Drake. In addition to the stars chosen by Frank Drake, a few other stars were chosen -- using latest developments in science to make choices -- in the northern and southern hemisphere.

The data reductions on these observations are ongoing all over the world, and SETI has released our 8 MHz raw data for all the world to see, on this setiQuest site. Project Dorothy -- the brain child of chief astronomer Shin-ya Narusawa at Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory -- is opening a new kind of global collaboration to find the signal, including people from all walks of life. This is the wave of the future, where competitors become collaborators and participate in what, after all, is a project benefitting the entire human race!

If you want to download and study the data yourself, go to "Participate"/"Data/Apis"/"Getting Data". The data are stored in a binary format and if you have a great idea for a new way to analyze these data, please go ahead and let us know what you find!


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