Fun at Astrofest


Fun at Astrofest!
Yesterday and today I got to give talks on SETI and introduce setiQuest at Astrofest 2010 in London. There were a number of other events competing with the festival – such as the noontime New Zealand Day parade through Kensington featuring a huge crowd of folks dressed up as emus and bees and other impossible-to-describe characters. One common feature seemed to be the beer being enjoyed by all. 
The festival itself has been wonderful – I was awe struck by the imagery of moons of Jupiter and Saturn presented by William McKinnon, and got to listen to former SETI Institute employee Alan Penny describe development of the astronomical distance scale and how Cepheid variable stars work. I also got a second chance to chat with and listen to Sir Patrick Moore and laugh with Brian May (Queen rock star turned astrophysicist) who I met for the first time – both of these gentlemen leave little doubt about what they think!