Fun at OSCON

I gave a keynote talk at OSCON this morning to let the open source community know about setiQuest and to ask for their help to make it shine. I guess the attendees were pretty tired of slides filled with logos and lines of text surrounded by curly-brackets, because the talk was very well received and they were delighted to see images of radio telescopes and galaxies. Throughout the day people stopped me to say how much they enjoyed our exciting exploration and the larger, cosmic perspective it encourages. Even though the session wasn’t in the program and the splashy promotion on today’s conference web page didn’t list its room or time, about a dozen folks found their way to our followup session on setiQuest. My SETI Institute colleagues Gerry Harp, Jon Richards let people know about setiCode and setiCloud opportunities, and David Hardtke from Cloudant explained the bells and whistles of the setiCloud stack that they have built for this project. Having worried in advance that we’d misstep with the open source community in these early days of transforming the way we do our SETI business – I felt really welcome. Thank you, OSCON!

July 22, 2010