Jill Tarter from TED 2011 – Day 2

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Session 1: Stage revealed - and it's cosmic!!! Milky Way rises above the stage floor and all the sponsors' logos are being projected onto screens of starfields --- looks like setiQuestExplorer!
But the large blue tree-trunks on the stage edges point more to Avatar. Nevertheless, Chris and TED rock!                 
Opening video is from ISS – astronaut Cady Coleman – I’d love to be there.
Janna Levin just finished the first TED talk on black holes and multi-verses with the question about whether anyone else is out there?

Wow!  Sarah Marquis – via cell phone from a tent in China’s Sechuan mountains and pictured with her wild dingo standing on top of the Swiss mountains after hiking 30,000 km.
David Brooks – politicians talk so much they drive themselves insane! And they (and the rest of us) don’t know how to discuss social policy with emotive content right.

Eric Whitacre – virtual video choir!  +1 – actually +2000 voices together!
Wahah Khanfar – The Egyptian revolution – amazing powerful change from within.  Don’t turn off the cameras – they protect the people in the square. 

I Saw Sylvia Earle at lunch – once again we pledged to do something together, maybe this year we will.
Session 2
We need a house band for SETIcon – the Berkeley City Music Program Allstars jazz band is it for TED (based in Boston, but nationwide).

Life size horse puppets that can be ridden!  All that’s missing it the manure.

Sunni Brown – doodling should be added to Laurence Doyle’s language/information systems --- turns out that all children world-wide learn to draw in same, predictable pattern starting with scribbles – just like transition from baby-babble to spoken human language.

Paul Nicklen – NatGeo publishes pictures not excuses! And what fantastic pictures! Save the ice that nurtures this ecosystem.

Bill Liao – If you can plant enough trees you can fix up the planet.  Goal: 2 trillion trees planted by 2020.  ‘Buy two – get one tree’ marketing theme. WeForest.org
Thomas Heatherwick – Buildings, buses, bridges, and biomass power stations designed organically, humanly, with rich texture.  Seed cathedral of 60,000 acrylic light tubes.
Bobby McFerrin – Human vocal instrument with audience back up.
Session 3
Carlo Ratti – Sensors and actuators – our environment is starting to talk back to us. Picture of two dozen Formula 5 driver support staff in trailer looking at dozens of screens full of sensor data and feeding back information into system to direct driver – sort of like our citizen science project for setiQuestExplorer.
Kevin Stone – This is the guy you want for your orthopedic surgeon in SF.  He’s invented a way out of high-rise building disasters – a personal belay system that fits in your  file drawer and lowers you down the outside of the building at 6 feet per second!

Mattias Astrom – 3-D mapping technology as spin-off from Swedish missile defense industry with accuracy <10 cm for 100 cities.
Aaron Koblin – display of digital datasets – there sure are a huge number of really interesting projects for crowds to work on!
Mike Mattis – Our Choice by Al Gore – first fully interactive book – sequel to Inconvenient Truth
Dog howls and accompanies himself on the piano!
Homaro Cantu  & Ben Ross – we are here to infiltrate your mouths!  Printed food! Mind-ripping food!  Taking the cow out of the hamburger experience.  Seared ahi tuna from watermelon.  Magic berry tricks tongues into tasting hay and crabapples as barbeque sauce.

Logan Smalley – to lead new TED kids initiative: TEDED Brain Trust – videos for education.  Look at education.ted.com
Franz Harary – Designs amazing magic for rock shows!
Off to dinner – unscripted tonight – and then show and tell with setiQuestExplorer at the after hours party.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll tweet this.