Jill Tarter From TED 2011 – DAY 4

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Long talk with Michael Gough from Adobe. He is the on who has funded Francis Potter’s fantastic work on setiQuest Explorer.  It was nice to be able to say thank you. 

Session 8: Innovation and Consequence

Ed Tenner – unintended consequences. Claims that term ‘bug’ was invented in early telegraph systems – I thought it came from Admiral Grace Hopper, Cobol and a moth in the ILLIAC – maybe she just can be credited for ‘debug’.  Bacteriacide added to HVAC systems to control Legionaires disease – caused IBM tape drives to crash enmass. Unexpected possibilities as result of learning from disasters.  Chaos happens – let’s make better use of it.

Philip Zimbardo – demise of guys.  Average boys watches 50 porn clips per week. Arousal addiction – challenge to TEDsters to figure out how to make real men mate.

Dennis Hong – building a vehicle for the visually impaired. Demoed at Grand Prix with blind driver in Jan 2011. Technology may be ready, but is society? 

Sebastian Thrun – self-driving cars to prevent accidents.  Look back from the future at a ridiculous time where humans were driving cars. 

TED Active in Palm Springs – sustainability and education challenges. elevated.org – invite a student to visit the site and engage in conversation. 

Ralph Langer – stuxnet worm – unleashed to compromise Uranium enhancement in Iranian nuclear program – hugely sophisticated with rocket science to deliver two software bombs at specific targets – clearly had full insider information. Smaller digital bomb intended to crack centrifuge rotors, larger bomb had #164 prominently --- hardware organized in cascades of 164 centrifuges  - inserted false info so that it hid the malfunctions caused by the small bomb.  Harbinger of cyber weapon of mass distruction.  Assertion is perpetrator is US government working with Mossad. 

Manu Prakash – a gizmologist – imaging flies and insects feeding – uses 2-stage pump.  Answer question of how malaria parasite moves from gut to salivary glands. 

Ai WeiWei – artwork on monumental scales. Chinese government repression now in play required that his criticism of regime be delivered as secret film clip smuggled to TED. Censorship of social media and internet and personal expression. Struggle against great firewall. Western tolerance will not help China. 

Eli Pariser – shift of info flow on line that could be a problem – e.g. facebook invisibly edited out friends whose links not often used.  Even if you are logged out there are 57 signals that Google is tracking and customizing the search results you get – there is no longer any standard Google. Many groups doing this – the internet is showing us what it thinks we
want to see, not what we need to see. Filter bubbles – you don’t get to see what gets filtered out. Algorithmic gatekeepers don’t yet have embedded ethics.  We’re back in 1915 on the web and the yellow journalism before we developed journalistic ethics. 

Eythor Bender – Berkeley Bionics  - exoskelatons for carrying large loads – new wheel chair replacements – bionic legs - to allow walking!!!! 

Session 9: Threads of Discovery

Firenzo Omenetto – a new old material – silk!   Made of protein and water: reverse engineer the cocoon.  Utilize self-assembly to create a film that can encode information and mechanical shapes. Re-integration in the human body and in nature. Controlled drug delivery encapsulated within degradable cocoon. 

Daniel Temmet – savant with synesthesia.  Mastery of language.  The nature of perception.  Enormously poised, and expressive even though he is high-end functioning autistic. 

Janet Echelman - large scale, soft sculpture structures with fishing net for cityscapes. 

Ed Boyden – human brains – 10^11 neurons, 10^3 or 10^4 types of cells.  DNA magic to plant light sensitive cells into neurons and watch them light up or get turned off  - optigenetics. 

Christina Onnurgard – building blocks of energy – lego-like batteries.  3 run a laptop, 16 run an electric bike, 2160
 run an electric car (48 in a module x 45 modules).  Recycle unused power in car at the end of the day to run household, recharge in the middle of the night when load on the grid is lower. 

Steve Gullans -  we’re becoming a nation of klutz’s!  after we conquer cancer, heart disease and stroke – accidents will be the leading cause of death.  We need to adultproof our environments. 

Anthony Atala – regenerative medicine.  Health crisis with organ shortage.  3 challenges to growing new organs – biomaterials, cells, vascularity. Bioengineered heart valves, and bladders!  Artificial bone printed on deskjet printer – in future printed directly onto the patient. 7 hours to print a 3-D kidney – printer, and resulting kidney actually demoed on stage!!!!! 

Alex Lexy and the samba!!!  Carnival street-drummer band. Wonderful opportunity to dance. 

Session 10: Beauty, Imagination, Enchantment 

Beatrice Coron – a papercutter.  In papercutting and in life everything is connected.  Running ultra-marathons to train for long distance paper cutting! 

Sarah Kay – performance poet.  “…. you tell them that they really need to meet your mother!”  Write poems to figure
things out. Two standing-O’s! 

Bruno Bowdyn – Google helps children believe in Santa Claus.  ½ million queries per second during Christmas day on their Santa Claus site. 

Jennifer Pogue – plastic surgery and costume making. 

Kate Hartman – artist-technologist-educator.  Wearable electronics.  The gut listener, the talk-to-yourself hat, the discommunicator, the ear-bender, the wearable wall, botani-calls, improving human-glacier interaction and the glacier-embracing suit. 

Shea Hembrey – two criteria: explain a work of art to his grandmother in 5 minutes plus the 3-H’s  (head, heart, and hand).  Created 100 artists, their bios, their work. 

Bruno Guissani: TED Global 2011 – The Stuff of Life, will be in Edinburgh. TED Women will be extended into this. July 11-15. 

Jason Mraz – vocal music and clever lyrics – listen fast!  

And now for another party during which I try to demo the setiQuest Explorer, by shouting over the din.


bug history

The moth is in a book in the Smithsonian.  And it's labeled "first actual case of bug being found" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:H96566k.jpg ).  The first textbook I read that referred to that moth mentioned that the sentence doesn't make sense unless the term predates the moth.