Preparing SonATA software for Open Sourcing

We announced our Open Source program three weeks ago. Yet our open sourcing process will take another one year. Why the delay, you may wonder. There are a number of reasons - code reorganization, resourcing, documentation, and the biggest one of them all , complying with the various open source and commercial licenses we are using in our codebase as we open source it.

Our good friends at Palamida scanned our entire code, and came up with a list of 75 instances where SonATA software was using external third party code - parts that warranted further investigation.  It was a pleasure to have Jeff Luszcz from Palamida walk the software team through the entire list.

The next set of meetings was with the legal team led by Mark Fischer of Duane Morris - to understand the implications of each of these software licenses.

The result of these two sets of was meetings a series of action items - each one falling in one of the following categories:

   1. Not an issue; we are compliant with the license

   2. Replace the library at issue since we can't use it in open source form

   3. Change the software to not need the particular library

We are in the process of going through these steps.

Also, keep in mind that this software was developed over many years by many people without Open Source in mind. So the code needs to be commented, restructured a bit, and documented. This documentation includes explaining what the software is trying to do and how it does it, which includes explaining algorithms in sufficient detail.

We are trying to do our best here with the limited resources.


Will you release the source

Will you release the source code gradually, as it is cleared by the legal team? We can have some fun with even small parts of the code base, and in some instances we may even be able to develop open source alternatives before you can get the original closed source code through the legal process