Sao Paulo Launch

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January 27, 2010, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Its been a little less than a year since I first received a request from my friend Tim O'Reilly to lend some time to the SETI Institute .  They had just won a TED Wish and were dreaming of releasing their famous source code under an Open Source License, and building a community of "Citizen Scientists".

Today I find myself in Sao Paulo, at a huge event called CampusParty Brasil.  Imagine a FOO Camp, except instead of 400 of your closest tech're camping with thousands of other geeks in a city park!  Its a week-long event, so many people drop in just for a day.  This year I'm told 44,000 people are actually registered.

I'm here to co-launch*, a new community site we're building as a home for the SETI Institute code and for collaborative work on client software to enable a new type of participation in the global search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.  The other co-launch is being done at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, by Dr. Jill Tarter.  Our presentation materials can be found on

*A sidenote: Astronomy buffs will know that setiQuest was previously also the name of a magazine devoted to the topic of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, published by Carl Helmers from 1994 to 1998.

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