SETI taps smartphones in hunt for E.T.

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CBS News writer Elinor Mills interviewed a number of people for her article SETI taps smartphones in hunt for E.T. which is on the homepage of CBS News today (March 10, 2011). Check it out, comment on the article - kudos if you agree with it, and correct them if you see any inaccuracies.

This article is about setiQuest Explorer, and highlights not just Jill, but the people behind the software itself - Francis Potter, Blake Barrett and Adobe. Thanks to all of them.

This is just the beginning. setiQuest is looking for people to start using the setiQuest Explorer app to help in the search of ETI. The beta program open up next week, so if you have not already registered, please do so. Just having the app put the developer on the homepage of CBS news. You could be the next person - whether you develop an ever better app, or use one of the apps to find a signal.

Given that setiQuest Explorer is open source, you can even build on top of it, or use portions of it to develop your own app.


Wow!, the beta launch

Wow!, the beta launch generated an amazing amount of press coverage.  I noticed a large increase in the setiQuest forum traffic (currently active users) yesterday. Let's see how many people stick around and join the setiQuest community.

For more information on setiQuest Explorer see the wiki page: