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Many of you may have read my blog last week on setiQuest Explorer, developed by The Hathersage Group, with sponsorship from Adobe Systems, and the nice article that Elinor Mills of CBS News wrote.

Your response to the launch of setiQuest Explorer has been overwhelming. As of this this morning - within 4 working days of announcement - we have more than 1500 people registered to be beta testers for the app.The Hathersage Group has started sending out invites - the first 100 went out last week. We are being cautious as we don't know as yet how much of a load the server can withstand. As we get a better handle on the server load and address some of simpler issues, we will be increasing the pace of beta. So, stay tuned, tell your friends and help us search for extra-terrestrial intelligence faster.

As you go through the app, keep in mind that this is beta software. More important, however, this is a beta of the concept itself. So, we will be looking to learn a lot from your comments.

Some of you have complained about the fact that only Facebook authentication is possible. Authentication should not be a barrier to people accessing the app. The Hathersage Group is busy adding other authentication mechanisms. Look for a new release soon with at least one more way for you to authenticate yourself.

You also provided feedback on placement of buttons. We will look at the layout.

Many of you had questions on what constitutes a pattern.  For now, if you are not sure, just mark it as a pattern. We too are in a learning mode regarding the app. Depending on what gets marked, we will update the "rogues' gallery."

Finally, some people felt that they were getting data for the same star multiple times. That is absolutely right - they are getting the same star multiple times, but they frequencies they are getting are different. So, no repeats there. But, keep in mind that in this beta there is limited amount of data, so eventually you will run through all of it.

Keep hunting, keep testing the app, and keep letting us know what you think - using Facebook, entering the issue at, or sending mail to



Google Login now available

Facebook login is no longer the only way to get into setiQuest Explorer. You can log in through your Google account too.

On January 17th 2012 the

On January 17th 2012 the decision was announced that setiQuest Explorer had been "discontinued."

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