setiQuest is in Good Hands

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setiQuest has been a great two-year journey, with many of you lending a hand along the way. It is now time for me to step back, and participate as a community member, rather than be the driver.

What started as Jill Tarter's 2009 TED Prize Wish -  "I wish that you would empower Earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the ultimate search for cosmic company" - is now a recognized project. Many people had a hand in its success; here are some, listed in a rough chronological order of their appearence in the project.

Thanks TED, Chris Anderson, Amy Novogratz and many others - without you, we would never have even embarked on this ambitious journey. Not only did you help set us on this path, but at every step along the way you reaffirmed our direction and supported us in more ways than I can count. Thanks also for repeatedly bringing together amazing groups of people and organzations to help us - including many of the ones listed below.

Thanks Nandan Nilekani and Infosys - while others talked, you put resources on the line - by giving us a powerful team that led us in the first set of steps towards open sourcing.

Thanks Tim O'Reily and Danese Cooper - without your gentle advise, our path to open sourcing would for sure have been much harder. Thanks also for being our conduit to the open source community.

Thanks Amazon Web Services - your very generous donation helped us establish presence on the Internet, and allowed us to offer services to the community. More important, your confidence in us inspired many others to have the same confidence.

Thanks Gever Tulley - I wish I were a child again, to be able to go through your school. Your creativity and story-telling ability are amazing. Thanks Nigel Holmes - for bringing Gever's stories to life - a vision that was etched in hundreds of thousands of people's minds.

Thanks Paul Newnes and everyone at - you did amazing job of creating the image that has represented us to all our website visitors, and continues to do so.

Thanks Dell and Forrest Norrod - you stepped up to our needs to upgrade our data center, and put together a wonderful coalition that made sure that if ET did sent us signals, we would process them on a state of the art data center. Thanks Intel for participating in this effort.

Thanks Google for supplementing our data center resources - your help allowed us to be much more efficient in what we do.

Thanks Linda Bernardi and Coudant team for giving us an opporutnity to use your technology - it helped set future direction for our project.

While we announced our open sourced software on March 1, 2011, the organizations that really made it possible were - Github and Tom Preston-Warner, for helping us store our software and for constantly supporting us; Palamida, Mark Tolliver and Jeff Luszcz, who helped us prevent mis-steps on the path to open sourcing and Mark Fischer of Duane Morris, who ensured that we stood on firm legal ground. Thanks to all of you.

We struggled with how to bring our sophisticated science to the masses. Thanks Francis Potter (Hathersage Group), and Adobe for suggesting, designing and and developing setiQuest Explorer.

Finally, it is the community that helped us as the rubber met the road daily.

Thanks Anders Feder, for being our first true Community Leader - I have always valued your advice and guidance, and will continue to do so. Thanks Erik Olson for not only being the first to experiment with our software and data, but also for helping everyone along the way.

Thanks Wadir Pimenta, Michael Moradzadeh, Karsten Wade, David Strauss and many others - with your constant guidance in our weekly IRC's and other means, you ensured that we continually made progress and avoided dead-end paths.

Thanks also to the thousamds of you who registered, participated in forums, answered others' questions, sent us mails and provided us support in different ways.

What a woderful project, and a great set of people to work with. And, while I know that this blog represents the setiQuest team, from my presonal vantage point I would like to thank Jill Tarter for giving me the opportunity to contribute to setiQuest, and to Jon Richards for being a great partner to work with.

I am sure I have forgotten to acknowledge efforts of some people. If you see an omission, please let me know. The good thing about blogs is that unlike printed material, they can always be edited.

Jon - setiQuest is all yours now!  I will be there to support you, and would like to request others to support you in the same way that they supported me.

Goodbye Team.



What will you work on next,

What will you work on next, if not setiQuest? Will you still be director of "open" innovation at SI?

I will work on something

I will work on something totally unrelated to setiQuest or to SETI. But I will be around the project to continue helping it grow - just like you and many other community members.

Avinash, we wish you well on

Avinash, we wish you well on your next project. Your leadership made setiQuest a reality which in turn has a had a profound effect on my life.  Thank you for making it happen.