TED 2011 - Day 1

In line at 8 am, got my badge, got my bag, got my gifts, met my first ‘old friends’ from TED – I’m a TEDster again!

On a bus by 9:45 and off to UC Santa Barbara to experience the AlloSphere – a 3-dimensional data visualization and sonification chamber.  It’s amazing to think of what we could do with our SonATA data if we could get it all out of Hat Creek.  Prediction that within 10 years the AlloSphere will be in a laptop-size box that we can take to Hat Creek – yes!  Another three hours on the  bus and we are back in Long Beach. 

Too late for TED University, but there are lots of folks hanging around to show off the Android app setiQuest Explorer  that Francis Potter and the Hathersage Group have  put together for us in the last month thanks to funding from Adobe.  This is a first attempt at a citizen science experience that will allow volunteers to help us find patterns in data from the ATA.  Right now, setiQuest Explorer runs from data that Gerry Harp and Rob Ackermann have been recording and storing in the Amazon cloud, but eventually it will be powered by a small fraction of the real-time data being examined by SonATA.  We’ll be developing that user experience with Galaxy Zoo over the next year.  The Android app isn’t ready for prime-time yet, but it should be in the Android market place next week or so.  The folks coming out of TED University seemed to enjoy the tablet app, and nothing fell over!  Thank you, Francis.  Lots of suggestions on how to make it even better – stay tuned.

Welcome night party was huge and mega-decibels loud!  I walked around showing off setiQuestExplorer, trying to talk over the noise until I was completely hoarse. Bed time.

Note to self – this year, blog!  OK I’m there.