We are continuing the re-opening effort of the ATA. No exact date is set yet, but it should be several weeks at the most. Don't worry - we will make a big announcement on the front page of when a date is set.

Major Rollout of SetiQuest Data and Software

DIY: Do your own SETI searches with setiQuest Data and Software

You know that feeling where you have a great idea about doing SETI but you don't have a large radio telescope handy when you need it? If so, then we have something for you.

Plants at the Allen Telescope Array

Last week while at the ATA I learned that there is an endangered plant that we need to pay attention to. It is the Baker's globe-mallow, aka Iliamna bakeri. My picture of it is to the left.

ATA Un-Hibernation - Day 2

September 08, 2011

ATA Un-Hibernation

September 07, 2011

A Final Farewell

I am writing my final blog from my home in Texas. Now that things have cooled down, I wanted to write a final blog to accomplish two things:

1) Announce the Microsoft WorldWide Telescope HabCat layers. The instructions for downloading the files and installing the layer can be found  on the wiki at:

2) On behalf of the REU class of 2011, I would like to thank Dr. Cynthia Phillips and everyone else at SETI for a wonderful summer. It was amazing, and I wont soon forget it.

SETIStars was a Success!

The ATA at sunset


The initial $200K fund drive at is a success! As of this writing (August 15, 2011) the fund drive reached 111% of the target, a total of $222,210! 

Thanks to all!

First on the budget chopping block: science

It's natural to cut frivolous expenses when money gets tight. As the sciences and education budgets are usually the first to get cut, one has to pose the question: why are these considered superficial expenses?

Specifically, NASA emerges as the prime candidate to cut.

Extra! Extra! Scientists emerge from rooms and explore outdoors!

That's right folks. We're not just astronomers, engineers, physicists, biologists, and mathematicians here. We also happen to be adventurers, experienced woodsmen (and women), and knowledgeable naturalists.

Over the past four days, the SETI REU interns strayed off the beaten path and roughed it in the harsh environment of the redwood forest- in the shelter of tent cabins in Big Basin State Park. We explored the ocean of the Pacific- safely from the shores of the California coastline. We cooked our fresh kills over an open flame- purchased from local groceries.

Looking forward to a week-long hiatus

As custom when I compose these blogs, I announce that I have posted additional photos to the REU wiki page. They can be seen here:

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