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Update REU Wiki page!

Harry Potter finally came and went, and I have posted a few new photographs to the project page. I have also solicited my fellow interns to share with me their group photographs, so I can make the page as dynamic as possible. Be on the look out for some Lick Observatory and Antiope occultation pictures.

As of this writing, we have raised $100,596 from 1004 donors. So, if you haven't donated, mosey on over to

and show your support to the mission of the SETI Institute.

Scientists and Sorcery... What?

Whew! After interviewing and photographing the REU 2011 interns, I have finally managed to update the REU wiki page. I have posted short profiles of each intern and his/her project. The newly-updated page can be found here:

REU interns have now moved to the SETI Wiki!

I am going to continue my introductions of the SETI REU interns in the wiki portal. Profiles, photos, and updates will be posted there henceforth. I will be updating the profiles in groups of three to four to allow each person to get more acquainted with his/her project and mentor(s). I will post a short blog for every update. Now, follow this link and see what the people at SETI Institute are really up to...

Until the next update...

And there she goes...

The trail of smoke clears slowly like a hovering mist. The cloudy remnants of NASA's final shuttle launch are swept away and forced to take a new direction- not unlike the program itself.

The final space shuttle mission Atlantis successfully launched at 8:29 PT, following a brief delay to verify that the Gaseous Oxygen Vent arm was fully retracted.

I was joined by other sentimental employees and interns of SETI Institute to watch the final shuttle launch. While sad to watch, we applauded the successful liftoff and flight of the great Atlantis.

jrseti and Dr. Gerry Harp at the ATA

We have pictures! We are at the Allen Telescope Array this week refreshing ourselves on how to operate the array - running it through it's paces. See my blog on our activity at



Introducing the SETI REU Interns

All right. Enough about me. It's time for the people to learn just how eclectic SETI Institute is. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting short profiles of the REU (research experience for undergraduate) students to inform the readers of the diverse range of science at SETI Institute. Keep a lookout for project updates on Twitter, and for group photos of our summer shenanigans on my blog.

Bjorn Mellem

School: St. Olaf College (Minnesota)

Mentor: Dr. Adrian Brown

Will we find images in the digits of pi?

Last week I received a paper letter from a college student in NY named Jessie. I would like to share it:

Following an idea in the book Contact, if we calculate enough dgits of PI then is it possible to find a "signature" of an intelligent "creator" of the universe?

This question fascinates me in more ways than one. If we discoverd evidence of an extraterrestrial intelligent creator, then we'd know a lot more about the existent of other intelligent beings in the universe.

Second Week at SETI- Complete.

The weather has cooled down slightly, and so has the hectic schedule of the SETI interns.

Amongst the talks and the star parties and Giants baseball games, I feel like I've accomplished more socializing than setiQuest progress.

The launch of the SETIstars program was successful, and over 600 people have shown that the ATA is not just a frivolous expense, but a notable cause, worthy of persistence.

Calling all humans! Aid the effort to revive the ATA!

Updated July 1, 2011

Within the last 24 hours 6 days 8 10 40 days over 700 800 840 1700 people have proved that the inherent trait curiosity still exists in sentient beings.

Need Help finding ATA Replacement Part

First, let me say that we fully expect the ATA to be operational very soon. My training at the ATA is currently being revamped to allow me to be one of the chief operators of the ATA. This means I'll be on-site a lot more, keeping the system running, getting my hands dirty.

We need help finding a replacement part for the ATA. The system as it is works great, but finding this one part will make it more reliable in one key area.

I'll first explain what we need, then I'll explain the history.

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