Life on Mars * cool documentary *

Here is a small note from my colleage at the SETI Insitute, Frank Marchis.

A KQED Multimedia Series about Life on Mars featuring Chris McKay (NASA Ames), Nathalie Cabrol (SETI Institute), David Blake (NASA Ames) everything you should know about Mars, and the future MSL-Curiosity in 10 min.

New Contest with Gamify

Read the Mashable article at

Wonderful SETI Video - by Carl Sagan

A colleague forward this YouTube Video from Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan: Darkness [Carl Sagan Trubute Series, Part 9]

I don't know the person who has prepared and posted this video. But I am thankful they did. This is probably the best explanation of SETI I have seen.

Additional public information about setiQuest

It is heartening to see the outpouring of support for the cause of SETI and the Allen Telescope Array. Thank you to those who have donated funds.

While we work on funding alternatives, we should take a few minutes to celebrate other aspects of the project. Here are a few things that you may or may not have been aware of.

How does the ATA Hibernation affect setiQuest?

We have been getting a lot of enquiries about the ATA hibernation and how it affects the setiQuest project. See for a full explanation.

setiQuest hosting 2 meetups the week of May 2nd!

setiQuest is hosting 2 meetups soon. We want need your participation.


May 2nd - Silicon Valley Apps for Kids

6pm at the SETI Institute

We will be hosting this meetup and providing an introduction to what setiQuest is doing and request ideas for a setiQuest iPhone app for kids. All ideas welcome, let's discuss!

Allen Telescope Array - in temporary hibernation

We have talked about the future of ATA for a while. Tom Pierson, in a letter last week formalized it. Here is additional information from the letter.

Does ET Text or Talk?

This week's poll is designed to get you thinking about how ET could communicate with us. It is often argued that SETI is so difficult that the aliens will send us the simplest conceivable signal -- a sine wave -- which tells us no more than the simple text ("I'm at the mall this location in the galaxy.") A growing number of scientists believe that ET may send us a signal containing unlimited information, like a prolonged monologue.

Listen to the setiQuest Podcast

We have created the first of many setiQuest podcasts. 

setiQuest member Gamegoofs recorded a conversation with SETI Software Engineer jrseti provding an overview of the various projects within setiQuest.

Visit out podcasts page to listen to our first and future setiQuest podcasts.



A new online conversation series

Doug Vakoch, a senior researcher at the SETI Institute recently edited a book on Commincating with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

Here is an idea he and I have been discussing. Tell us what you think of the idea.

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