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Any Data Visualization Projects?

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Hello All,

After spending 30+ hours during the past couple of weeks looking at waterfall images via the setiQuest Explorer website ( http://live.seti.hg94.com/ ), trying to find faint signal patterns among all the "noise", my eyes were getting kind of sore.  So I started looking to see if I could find any current setiQuest Data Visualization projects, where the intent is to produce clearer waterfall images, where the signals would be more prominent and the noise reduced.

I came across Dave Robinson's experiment in Astigmatic Waterfall Filtering which shows great results (forum post at  http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/astigmatic-waterfall-filtering).  But the project is done in MathCad, which I don't use, and he will be constructing the code library in Python, which I don't know.  So, I won't be able to help him with this.

Also found the WiKi page discussing the Gamification contest and it's winner, but can't find any follow-up on it by setiQuest.  Nor have I been able to locate any project pages relating to the winning idea, or any other Data Visualization project ideas / discussion for that matter.

Are there currently any other Data Visualization projects going on that I could consider joining?  Is there a "main page" for Data Visualization projects at setiQuest, where ideas, code and discussions about Data Visualization can be found?

Is the source code that setiQuest currently uses to generate the setiQuest Explorer website waterfall images available for personal experimentation, enhancement, etc.?

Is there a particularly good setiQuest data file that has verified faint signals in it, that is a reasonable size (~300 MB), that has existing waterfall images, that can be used for testing purposes?

No, I'm not a game programmer.  No, I don't have in-depth experience in Data Visualization techniques and coding, or with image manipulation (other than with Photoshop and these types of programs), but I'm willing to learn.  I would like to discuss ideas with others who might have this kind of experience, and possibly join a project.

Thank you everyone, and Merry Christmas!