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Are there smaller datasets for learning and prototyping?

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I was wondering if there are smaller datasets for learning the protocol and prototyping?
It sounds like the only solution now is to download a 2 gigabyte file and split the file myself.

It's just a suggestion. Right now I'm in awe of how much data is collected. I need to get a new hard drive :)

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There is a one second file of

There is a one second file of the AMC7 data set that is only 17 MB:

It is a perfect smaller setiData file to start working with.

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download as much or as little data as you desire

For example, using cURL and specifying "Range" header download first one million (0-999999) bytes of arbitrary data file:

curl -s --header "Range:bytes=0-999999" >2010-11-06-dorothy_tauceti_1420_1-8bit-01.dat

cURL is available for Linux, OS X, MS Windows