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baudline analysis of Kepler Exoplanet 4

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What ever happened to this

What ever happened to this extraordinary SETI discovery?

Was this FSK signal ever seen again?

Did anybody look?  cheeky

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Many Kepler 04 datasets were

Many Kepler 04 datasets were collected on different days and are available for download in the setiQuest data links.  I have looked at this data with the baudline signal analyzer and blogged about it:


I have also scoured the entire 4 TB setiQuest data archive for a similar looking FSK signal and have not found an identical match. This signal is unique in that regard. It just goes to show the importance of having immediate followup capabilities.

It is very unfortunate that Gerry Harp terminated the plan for the live multibeam setiQuest data feed. The multiple beams would of given us discrimination capability. The live feed would of given us an enormous cloud-ful of data. I'm confident we would of found this signal again.

So in summary. We don't know if this is a real signal from Kepler-04 or just RFI. We haven't looked enough for this signal IMO. The data pipe has been turned off. Without new data the chances of finding this signal are zero.

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this kind of waveform is like those in the movie that detects submarine through sonar. i've seen that movie Hunt for Red October, and their is a part of the movie that the officers and sonar-man tried to analyze the recorded echo and the waveform signal which really looks like celestial source of this data file.