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Community meeting: 2010-11-30

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Anders Feder
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Just a reminder. We will have our regular [[community meeting]] on November 30 at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Please join us at IRC #setiquest on Freenode.

Anders Feder
Joined: 2010-04-22
Posts: 618
Proposed agenda item: IT

Proposed agenda item: IT strategy - migrate all to cloud?


Anders Feder
Joined: 2010-04-22
Posts: 618
Proposed agenda item:

Proposed agenda item: dilligence / weekly planning / better coordination


Anders Feder
Joined: 2010-04-22
Posts: 618
Proposed agenda item: sandbox

Proposed agenda item: sandbox and infrastructure group - do we create one?


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Proposed agenda item: Avinash

Proposed agenda item: Avinash needs to assign a project manager to the data conduit task.

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This agenda item has been

This agenda item has been postponed and will not be discussed during this IRC meeting.

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Proposed agenda item: What

Proposed agenda item: What are the AWS private IP addresses for the download machines at http://setiquest.org/join-the-quest/data-api/getting-data ?

I did a test with my free AWS micro-instance account and wget'ing from the Dorothy machines ( results in a Public-IP usage hit.  This counts against my 15 GB quota and the SETI Institute's 1 TB monthly quota.  If I knew the private IP address then this data transfer would be free. What region is in?

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Anyone at the SETI Institute

Anyone at the SETI Institute with access to the AWS Management Console can do this by clicking on the instance of the Dorothy server (Public-IP address and then scroll the instance info box at the bottom until you see the Private-IP address.

It probably would be a good idea to post a table of all of setiQuest's AWS machine's Public-IP to Private-IP mappings.  The only problem is that the Private-IP address could change when machines are rebooted but I'm going to guess that they will be fairly static.

It is also important to know which region the AWS machines are in because Amazon charges for cross region data transfers. I'm assuming all of the setiQuest AWS stuff is in the US-West region. Did I guess correctly? This info should be posted somewhere so people know which region to choose when setting up their AWS instances.

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All setiQuest servers are

All setiQuest servers are located U.S. East: ->  domU-12-31-39-0B-76-11.compute-1.internal -> domU-12-31-38-04-81-11.compute-1.internal -> ip-10-243-89-203.ec2.internal -> ip-10-251-175-207.ec2.internal -> ip-10-251-46-239.ec2.internal

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Thanks for those Private-IP

Thanks for those Private-IP addresses.

US-East? Good thing I asked because I guessed wrong! Now I have to figure out how to move my image to a different region and incur whatever nickel-and-diming Amazon is going to charge me.

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Those private IP addresses

Those private IP addresses work great.  What Availability Zones are they in?  US-East has zones = { a, b, c, d };

From http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/#pricing

"Data transferred between Amazon EC2 instances located in different Availability Zones in the same Region will be charged Regional Data Transfer."

"Regional Data Transfer
$0.01 per GB in/out – all data transferred between instances in different Availability Zones in the same region."

I'm trying to figure out if this charge is true by using trial and error.  It's going to take a while because Amazon doesn't update its account billing information frequently plus there are 4 zones to try.  I can't understand why Amazon doesn't have an IP to zone mapping tool or table.  They sure don't make it easy.

I know one penny per GB isn't much money but if I process 1 TB of data multiple times that is really going to add up.

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Just got a regional charge so

Just got a regional charge so the domU-12-31-38-04-81-11.compute-1.internal address for the 2010-11-06-dorothy_epsiloneridani_1420_1 data is not in zone us-east-1a.

Now trying zone us-east-1b. Amazon's accounting is slow so I should know the answer this time tomorrow.

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Yesterday's 106 MB wget from

Yesterday's 106 MB wget from domU-12-31-38-04-81-11.compute-1.internal ( external IP) to my micro instance in zone us-east-1b has not incurred a regional transfer hit (yet). I need to do several more tests to be certain but it seems that they are in the same zone.

Above Rob mentioned that " -> us-east-1d" which does not match my transfer experiment in zone us-east-1b.

Above Anders posted a link to a blog about Amazon's region zones being non-static and different for everyone.  My us-east-1b experiment not matching Rob's us-east-1d info supports this theory.  This is going to be a problem if we can't reliably ensure being in a specific zone and staying in that zone during reboots.  I can imagine running up hundreds of dollars in regional zone transfer charges while being under the expectation that I was in the same zone.

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Today Amazon announced that

Today Amazon announced that all inbound AWS data transfers are now free. The randomly distributed availability zone problem discussed above can now be circumvented by selecting different regions. For more infomatation and links see:


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[no-glossary] -> us-east-1b -> us-east-1d -> us-east-1c -> us-east-1a -> us-east-1a

The data has been spread over four regions with the thought that it could not all be wiped out by some catastrophy.  Don't know; however, if that is true.

Anders Feder
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Note that availability zone

Note that availability zone names are not universal: http://alestic.com/2009/07/ec2-availability-zones

We have to find a (reliable) way around this.

Anders Feder
Joined: 2010-04-22
Posts: 618
(8:00:08 PM) avinash: Good

(8:00:08 PM) avinash: Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone.
(8:00:20 PM) jrseti: hello!
(8:00:38 PM) afeder: hi
(8:00:45 PM) jrseti: Topics for today?
(8:00:45 PM) sigblips: Hello.
(8:01:19 PM) MichaelM: hi
(8:01:33 PM) jrseti: GPL?
(8:01:55 PM) avinash: OK 1) GPL, 2) ?
(8:01:59 PM) gliese581` [welterde@thinkbase.srv.welterde.de] entered the room.
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(8:02:31 PM) MichaelM: code status?
(8:02:50 PM) avinash: 2) Code status in preparation for January open sourcing, 3) ?
(8:03:05 PM) MichaelM: data pipe?
(8:03:19 PM) avinash: Let us table data pipe until next week. Can we?
(8:03:19 PM) afeder: 4) sandbox - infrastructure group?
(8:03:29 PM) avinash: 3) Sandbox, 4) ?
(8:03:36 PM) sigblips: 4) Any speculation on http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/nasa-news-conference-astrobiology-discovery would be interesting.
(8:03:51 PM) jrseti: Another topic - we need to be thinking of how to make a list of things we want people to work on after we release the open source
(8:04:22 PM) Jill [d8021a01@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room.
(8:04:26 PM) avinash: Sigblips: My browser can't find the page. Did it get deleted?
(8:04:34 PM) afeder: jrseti: roadmap would be ideal for this...
(8:04:41 PM) avinash: 4) ToDo list.
(8:04:46 PM) sigblips: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/nasa-news-conference-astrobiology-discovery
(8:04:47 PM) gliese581`: Title: NASA news conference on Astrobiology discovery | setiQuest (at setiquest.org)
(8:05:19 PM) avinash: 5) NASA news conference
(8:05:27 PM) MichaelM: interesting!
(8:05:29 PM) sigblips: http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/2010/nov/HQ_M10-167_Astrobiology.html
(8:05:30 PM) gliese581`: Title: NASA - NASA Sets News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery; Science Journal Has Embargoed Details Until 2 p.m. EST On Dec. 2 (at www.nasa.gov)
(8:05:58 PM) avinash: OK. Big agenda for today. Let us get started.
(8:06:14 PM) avinash: Item 1: gpl. Jon?
(8:06:48 PM) jrseti: Michael - Any last commets about GPL?
(8:07:08 PM) MichaelM: well
(8:07:38 PM) MichaelM: I was looking at several of the models out there, and it looks to me as if a model like redhat would best serve our needs
(8:07:57 PM) avinash: MichaelM - can you elaborate a little?
(8:08:01 PM) MichaelM: in that model, there is a released version of the code under gpl
(8:08:17 PM) MichaelM: code taken back is by a much broader grant to the parent.
(8:08:39 PM) MichaelM: if somebody wants to do a non-gpl version, they need to go to the parent and negotiate it.
(8:08:57 PM) afeder: whats a broader grant? BSD?
(8:08:58 PM) sigblips: Red Hat? Red Hat uses a lot of different licenses. All Linux distributions do.
(8:08:58 PM) avinash: Sound like good provisions for setiQuest.
(8:09:45 PM) MichaelM: The redhat grant license is a single page, did not cmpare it to bsd, but basically says redhat can do whatever the hell it wants iwth the code
(8:10:21 PM) afeder: why would anyone contribute to redhat on those terms?
(8:10:35 PM) afeder: i mean - free work?
(8:10:36 PM) avinash: So, people assign rights to RH. RH releases it under GPL. And also under proprietary license to others.
(8:10:41 PM) sigblips: Ohh, you meant the Red Hat license and not the licenses Red Hat uses. I had no idea there was a Red Hat license.
(8:10:48 PM) avinash: Why? Because of forkability.
(8:10:54 PM) MichaelM: Not an assignment, a license
(8:11:11 PM) avinash: Anytime RedHat does something funny, people have full freedom to create a fork, and go independent of RH.
(8:11:28 PM) avinash: So, people don't mind assigning license.
(8:11:32 PM) afeder: a fork under what terms/license
(8:11:36 PM) afeder: +?
(8:11:45 PM) avinash: Since the original release is GPL, the fork will be under GPL.
(8:11:48 PM) MichaelM: We've been in months of meetings where redhat/fedora is held out as such a great model, so I am suggesting that it might be true.
(8:12:01 PM) MichaelM: hopefully, we will do a good job and there will be no fork
(8:12:14 PM) avinash: That is correct. We will be models of excellence. :-)
(8:12:24 PM) afeder: so redhat have privileged rights to make non-opensource releases? and they expect people to contribute to these releases for free?
(8:12:37 PM) avinash: That is correct.
(8:12:54 PM) avinash: And is so for most GPL licensed software.
(8:13:15 PM) avinash: Keep in mind - this software is free for anyone. So, RH is not aking away anything.
(8:13:34 PM) avinash: *taking
(8:13:41 PM) MichaelM: I presume that the expectation and practice is that the contributions get into the GPL release with reasonable speed
(8:14:09 PM) avinash: I don't know what the Fedora vs. RHEL model is. Does Fedora lead or lag?
(8:14:23 PM) MichaelM: Isn't there someone here from that community? I only know what I read on their site?
(8:14:44 PM) avinash: Quaid is logged in, but he has not participated in a while. We can get to him offline, and ask.
(8:14:53 PM) afeder: +1
(8:15:04 PM) MichaelM: quaid:you there Karsten?
(8:15:31 PM) sigblips: Fedora leads RHEL. But Fedora and RHEL have a lot of non-GPL code in them.
(8:15:55 PM) avinash: Isn't GPL viral, so if the build includes GPL code, then the whole package has to be GPL?
(8:16:10 PM) afeder: no
(8:16:14 PM) afeder: not that viral
(8:16:16 PM) jrseti: how does that work?
(8:16:17 PM) MichaelM: thats why, it seems, they take in code under a broader license
(8:16:25 PM) avinash: So, regardless of where the source came from, it is all GPL on release.
(8:16:32 PM) afeder: np
(8:16:35 PM) afeder: no*
(8:16:46 PM) MichaelM: and no, not quite. there are ways to parse the code so that is not true
(8:16:48 PM) afeder: GPL programs can distributed with non-GPL programs
(8:16:50 PM) sigblips: It's a distribution and not a single piece of software.
(8:16:53 PM) afeder: can be*
(8:17:01 PM) MichaelM: +1
(8:17:31 PM) MichaelM: In the olden days, this was a concern, but everyone has gotten a lot more sophisticated
(8:17:31 PM) avinash: Let me come back to the issue. What problem do we see with the RH model as described by MichaelM here?
(8:17:58 PM) afeder: that people may not want to contribute on such terms
(8:18:27 PM) sigblips: But years ago someone got all vigilante on this distinction and killed the Korora distribution's with the Nvidia drivers.
(8:18:38 PM) avinash: If you talk to the OS community, they are OK with it. I talked to a bunch at OSCON. And, Karl Fogel's book also says so.
(8:18:57 PM) avinash: That book is considered the authoritative work on OS. "Producing Open Source Software."
(8:19:32 PM) afeder: okay
(8:19:35 PM) MichaelM: uh, okay. but afeder is also right, the proposition has to seem fair to the contributors
(8:20:10 PM) avinash: Fairness - do the contributors believe that if $ is made by RH, they are owed a share of it?
(8:20:14 PM) afeder: lets check with some more ppl - like quaid - he has a better feel for these things than at least i do
(8:20:25 PM) MichaelM: I agree
(8:20:31 PM) avinash: OK. I will try to get in touch with Quaid today.
(8:20:41 PM) MichaelM: and no, no sharing $$.
(8:21:04 PM) avinash: That is one issue. What other issues do people see with this model?
(8:21:08 PM) MichaelM: either the proposition is fair or it is not. If $$ get involved, you are doomed
(8:21:22 PM) avinash: I agree. I was just trying to capture concerns.
(8:22:17 PM) sigblips: The FSF requires people sign a document which transfers all rights over to them. Even though the FSF is a .org some people don't like doing that.
(8:22:56 PM) MichaelM: I agree. License only.
(8:23:02 PM) avinash: Many other projects do it. Even commercial organizations like Sun.
(8:23:34 PM) MichaelM: lets close and move on. please cc me with quaid
(8:23:37 PM) afeder: agree
(8:23:46 PM) avinash: MichaelM: Will do.
(8:24:05 PM) avinash: Item 2: Open source plan.
(8:24:17 PM) avinash: And, the current state of software.
(8:25:21 PM) avinash: Until Jon chimes in, let me give an update.
(8:26:02 PM) avinash: SonATA software is being readied for testing. It is "functionality complete." But, there are bugs in it which are being worked in.
(8:26:19 PM) avinash: The goal is to have fully working version by Dec. 15.
(8:26:33 PM) avinash: Once that is done, we will start work on activities required to open source it.
(8:26:45 PM) avinash: One of the first things to be done is to put headers on the file.
(8:27:00 PM) avinash: If we can settle on the the license, the headers can start being put in this week.
(8:27:07 PM) jrseti: We are going to have a meeting tomorrow to assess how any issues need to be resolved, but things are looking good. We are using SonATA for searches now, with some operational kins still remaining.
(8:27:22 PM) MichaelM: code is commented and documented?
(8:27:31 PM) jrseti: I can start butting the license headers in, if we can decide on the license.
(8:27:41 PM) jrseti: The code is NOT commented any more than before
(8:27:46 PM) MichaelM: awww
(8:28:07 PM) sigblips: Only two weeks to go from "functionally complete" to "fully working" ?
(8:28:38 PM) jrseti: We are meeting tomorrow to make that decision
(8:28:51 PM) MichaelM: which decision?
(8:29:11 PM) avinash: Tomorrow, we will prioritize bugs.
(8:29:20 PM) jrseti: The decision of how amny things we have to fix/complete efore it is deemed a "working sysyem"
(8:29:30 PM) MichaelM: ah
(8:29:37 PM) jrseti: stay tuned!
(8:29:58 PM) afeder: sounds great
(8:30:22 PM) jrseti: We ave an intern that will hopefully help us with documenting, to get it started
(8:30:46 PM) avinash: By the way, there are still 20 remaining Palamida issues that need to be resolved.
(8:31:05 PM) jrseti: Yes, we need to go over those once we decide on the license
(8:31:14 PM) avinash: Many of them (but not all) go away if use GPL.
(8:31:31 PM) avinash: So, it is important to finalize the license quickly - hopefully this week.
(8:31:37 PM) jrseti: yes
(8:31:48 PM) jrseti: So, that is the state of the code.
(8:32:14 PM) afeder: neat
(8:32:50 PM) avinash: Hopefully, there will be much more clarity on the software next week.
(8:33:03 PM) jrseti: yes, we will have a report next week
(8:33:32 PM) jrseti: How will we finalize the license?
(8:33:51 PM) avinash: I guess, working with Michael and Quaid.
(8:34:04 PM) afeder: +1
(8:34:10 PM) afeder: i'd like to be copied to if possible
(8:34:13 PM) afeder: too*
(8:34:44 PM) MichaelM: The decision on how to offer code ultimately is that of the author (SETI), but i agree that the input of the community to which it is offered is critical and mannerly.
(8:35:09 PM) afeder: thats the more precise formulation, yes
(8:35:24 PM) jrseti: yes, but that will be difficult to do by the end of the week unless we have another web-chat meeting
(8:35:45 PM) MichaelM: applies to the contributors too. they are free to offer or not. so it needs to be a two-way street
(8:36:20 PM) afeder: web-chat meetings will be fine i think
(8:36:25 PM) afeder: quaid is usually game for those
(8:37:02 PM) avinash: Let us take some more time here on the license issue then.
(8:37:06 PM) jrseti: should we schedule one for Friday?
(8:37:14 PM) jrseti: Or earlier?
(8:37:23 PM) afeder: maybe check with quaid by email first
(8:37:25 PM) avinash: Depends on Quaid.
(8:37:31 PM) MichaelM: +1
(8:37:31 PM) jrseti: yes
(8:38:06 PM) avinash: Here is my suggestion -
(8:38:31 PM) avinash: Take the proposal from Michael. If Quaid points out issue with it, we work on them.
(8:38:52 PM) avinash: If there are no major problems, then we accept it.
(8:39:01 PM) afeder: i guess
(8:39:02 PM) afeder: :)
(8:39:34 PM) afeder: i'd have to read up a little to understand what it is you are proposing
(8:40:03 PM) afeder: so lets take the rest by email?
(8:40:06 PM) avinash: OK.
(8:40:12 PM) MichaelM: that's best
(8:40:43 PM) avinash: Item 3: Sandbox?
(8:41:12 PM) afeder: should we form a group to admin the sandbox?
(8:41:33 PM) afeder: or how would we prefre to grant people access to it
(8:41:38 PM) afeder: prefer*
(8:42:49 PM) avinash: The purpose of the sandbox is for people to experiment.
(8:42:56 PM) afeder: yes
(8:43:06 PM) afeder: but preferably without crashing each others experiments
(8:43:18 PM) avinash: Two issues 1) Where do they experiment - SI's AWS, or their free AWS, and 2) How do they give back stuff.
(8:44:05 PM) afeder: depends on what they want to do
(8:44:49 PM) afeder: say we want to try out wikimedia for wiki .. that would be appropriate to run on SI AWS .. because we want it to be an "official" test
(8:45:05 PM) afeder: with real loads and usages
(8:45:24 PM) sigblips: People need root access to do any sort of administrating but giving everybody root is dangerous. Maybe you should have multiple sandboxes? Or have people use their free AWS accounts?
(8:46:09 PM) afeder: dangerous is relatively though - sandbox not of immense value in itself
(8:46:49 PM) avinash: Yes, but what is wrong in asking people to use their free AWS accounts?
(8:47:01 PM) sigblips: The problem with the free AWS account is that it is a micro-instance and has limited CPU and disk resources.
(8:47:08 PM) avinash: That way we don't have to proliferate root accounts.
(8:47:20 PM) afeder: avinash: not everyone have AWS accounts .. it requires a credit card
(8:47:23 PM) avinash: Sigblips: The one Afeder is running on AWS is also micro.
(8:47:35 PM) avinash: OK. Credit card may be an issue.
(8:48:04 PM) MichaelM: anybody even marginally competent to do what you are talking about as far as wikis and mailers etc will already have access to a range of servers, including a XAMP stack on their own pc. Not much power is needed.
(8:48:04 PM) afeder: plus not everyone want to user their free tier for this purpose
(8:48:19 PM) MichaelM: ^i think
(8:48:31 PM) afeder: nah
(8:48:31 PM) afeder: :)
(8:48:59 PM) MichaelM: really? not even a $5 dreamhost?
(8:49:23 PM) afeder: i sense we're too far apart on this ... maybe e-mail would be better for this discussion
(8:50:09 PM) avinash: Afeder: Make a proposal , and we can discuss merits and demerits.
(8:50:12 PM) afeder: alright
(8:50:25 PM) MichaelM: I don't need to be bought in. I think we are putting tons of effort into something that is low priority, but if others think it is of value, then that's great! Starfish rules!
(8:51:04 PM) afeder: the cost argument is valid MichaelM .. but the cost isnt that high compared to benefits imo
(8:51:27 PM) afeder: i'll make my case by email
(8:51:32 PM) MichaelM: ok
(8:51:35 PM) afeder: they you can tear it apart :)
(8:51:51 PM) MichaelM: in the spirit of thanksgiving, I will carve it neatly
(8:51:55 PM) afeder: :D
(8:52:02 PM) avinash: Item 4: To-do list?
(8:52:35 PM) afeder: i propose we finish roadmap for software first
(8:52:40 PM) afeder: then break it into to-dos
(8:52:56 PM) sigblips: Related to the sandbox topic. What percentage of Amazon's AWS donation is the SETI Institute currently using?
(8:53:02 PM) avinash: I was partly cue-ing off the discussion in the forum.
(8:53:16 PM) avinash: Sigblips: Not very much at all. I don't know the amount.
(8:53:31 PM) avinash: But in the first half of this year we used about 10% of what they had given us.
(8:53:50 PM) avinash: Afeder: The person who wanted to do DSP - she did not know where to go and what to do.
(8:53:58 PM) afeder: its true
(8:54:14 PM) afeder: maybe if jrseti could restore the old todo list for the time being
(8:54:34 PM) afeder: ?
(8:54:37 PM) jrseti: OK, I can create a todo list and we can go over it
(8:54:44 PM) afeder: neat
(8:54:57 PM) jrseti: The "old" todo list is, I assume, from the binary release
(8:55:19 PM) afeder: i believe so .. and the pages that are linked from the wiki but gone
(8:55:37 PM) jrseti: Things have changed, and we can come up with more todos if the whole package is released
(8:55:46 PM) afeder: i see
(8:56:01 PM) afeder: sounds fine
(8:56:15 PM) jrseti: Shall I make that an acton item? To create a todo list for next week?
(8:56:26 PM) avinash: Yes, sounds good.
(8:56:29 PM) jrseti: ok
(8:56:32 PM) afeder: yes, please
(8:56:38 PM) jrseti: we cn hash through it
(8:56:47 PM) afeder: neat
(8:57:05 PM) avinash: Item 5: NASA Embargo?
(8:57:19 PM) afeder: looking forward to the release too
(8:57:38 PM) afeder: but its pretty vague ... "impact on SETL"? hmm
(8:58:02 PM) avinash: Can someone summarize the issue?
(8:58:07 PM) sigblips: Do you think it will be the discovery of microbial life or something bigger?
(8:58:35 PM) MichaelM: Intelligence in Texas?
(8:58:42 PM) afeder: NASA has announced a press conf on Dec 2 about a discovery with "impact on search for extraterrestrial life"
(8:58:53 PM) jrseti: ha!
(8:59:19 PM) avinash: Life is necessary for intelligence, but not the other way.
(8:59:28 PM) afeder: could be anything really :)
(8:59:33 PM) avinash: So, they may be talking about microbes.
(8:59:46 PM) afeder: in all likelihood yes
(8:59:55 PM) afeder: but even microbes would be big for SETI
(9:00:06 PM) avinash: But I have not read the release.
(9:00:07 PM) sigblips: NASA is going to have some sort of announcement about discovery of astrobiological life on Thursday. Not much else is known other than who the research participants will be.
(9:00:23 PM) avinash: Jill - can you throw some light on this?
(9:00:38 PM) afeder: we promise not to tell anyone!
(9:01:19 PM) avinash: Looks like Jill may not be here.
(9:01:23 PM) Jill: i've asked David Morrison the Head of our Carl Sagan Center for Study of Life in the Universe. he doesn't know. from that i assume it will have little impact on SETI Institute astrobiologists
(9:01:23 PM) afeder: yeah :)
(9:01:26 PM) afeder: oh
(9:01:44 PM) MichaelM: or we are farther out in the dark than we thought
(9:01:47 PM) Jill: nope, i just type slow - our offices are freezing
(9:01:55 PM) MichaelM: maybe its on wikileaks
(9:01:58 PM) afeder: lol
(9:02:09 PM) afeder: anyway, thanks for meeting
(9:02:19 PM) avinash: At least they are learning from Wikileaks. Create hype first, and then release.
(9:02:26 PM) afeder: hah true
(9:02:34 PM) avinash: OK. Folks - let me summarize the AI's.
(9:02:57 PM) avinash: 1) AA to coordinate communcation with Quaid to settle on license. Interested parties MM, AF.
(9:03:11 PM) avinash: 2) AA or JR to update the team on software status next week.
(9:03:27 PM) avinash: 3) AF to make a proposal for sandbox.
(9:03:37 PM) avinash: 4) JR to set up ToDo list.
(9:03:42 PM) avinash: Anything else?
(9:03:44 PM) sigblips: I would be great if someone could post the private IP address for (the Dorothy AWS web server) sometime today.
(9:04:37 PM) afeder: shouldnt take long
(9:04:51 PM) avinash: I will try to get in touch with Gerry today. He is away at the observatory, so may not be in email contact - at least regular.
(9:04:53 PM) Jill: i'll talk to Gerry Harp about Dorothy address
(9:05:25 PM) avinash: So, AI 5) JT or AA to get GH to give address of Dorothy server.
(9:06:06 PM) ***afeder nods
(9:06:08 PM) afeder: adjourn?
(9:06:13 PM) jrseti: bye
(9:06:16 PM) MichaelM: bi
(9:06:21 PM) avinash: Sounds good. Thanks everyone.