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Community Meeting 2011-08-09

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(11:00:26 AM) jrseti_: Hello all! It is 11am
(11:00:43 AM) sigblips: Hi.
(11:01:23 AM) jrseti_: Weird - Jill signed on at 10:31 saying she was sorry for being late, then exited. Maybe she is in another timezone and got confused.
(11:02:11 AM) jrseti_: Agenda: 1) Alysha's projects (REU), 2) GSoC
(11:02:29 AM) jrseti_: 3) setiquest Explorer
(11:02:52 AM) sigblips: 4) recent wiki spam
(11:03:08 AM) jrseti_: Oh! Didn't know about the spam
(11:03:41 AM) jrseti_: any other items of interest?
(11:04:02 AM) sigblips: 5) http://info.setistars.org/about/ should have a link to http://setiquest.org
(11:04:03 AM) Guest15848: Title: About SETIstars.org | SetiStars Blog (at info.setistars.org)
(11:04:28 AM) jrseti_: OK then, leash, do you want to say what you've been doing?
(11:04:46 AM) Michael1234: advance apologies: I am only here till half-past
(11:05:01 AM) Jill entered the room.
(11:05:07 AM) leash: After jrseti helped me import the Hab cat stars into excel, I am working on finishing the WWT layer.
(11:05:43 AM) leash: I will create distinguished layers for observed stars and candidate stars.
(11:06:02 AM) khrm entered the room.
(11:06:11 AM) khrm: Sorry .
(11:06:21 AM) khrm: I was caught in the virtual machine.
(11:06:33 AM) leash: I am also wanting to work on a short tour for these layers, which will pint out stars of interest and hopefully link them with SDSS and their spectra.
(11:06:36 AM) jrseti_: khrm: we just started, leash is telling us her status
(11:06:51 AM) leash: I hope to have these things done and detailed instructions up by Friday afternoon.
(11:06:52 AM) khrm: O.K.
(11:07:12 AM) leash: I am currently working on my presentation for tomorrow's colloquium.
(11:07:22 AM) jrseti_: The result should be a nice MWWT tour and associated files, with a WiKi page that explains how to use it.
(11:07:57 AM) Jill: you might look at the Strasbourg observatory stellar catalogs as well as SDSS
(11:08:06 AM) leash: Okay. Can do.
(11:08:20 AM) jrseti_: Sigblips: you may find it interesting to be at the colloquium tomorrow. Michael too!
(11:08:31 AM) Michael1234: oh?
(11:08:47 AM) jrseti_: The REU students will be giving presentations
(11:08:50 AM) leash: All of the REU interns will give two-minute talks.
(11:08:58 AM) Michael1234: aha! Neat. will it be streamed?
(11:09:12 AM) Jill: Leash - the meta catalog is called Simbad
(11:09:19 AM) leash: Their brief intros to all of the projects. It will be taped and posted on SETI talks youtube.
(11:09:35 AM) jrseti_: Awesome
(11:09:51 AM) leash: Jill- I know SIMBAD pretty well. I'll look into it.
(11:10:51 AM) jrseti_: leash: anything else?
(11:11:26 AM) leash: I've been paying more attention to the forum, but I have not contacted any possible volunteers to moderate it.
(11:12:34 AM) leash: I want to continue volunteering my time for SETI after the internship is over. If that's a possibility, I am very interested.
(11:12:56 AM) jrseti_: Maybe I should put an ad up on setiquest main page asking for volounteers
(11:12:58 AM) Michael1234: +1 to leash
(11:13:01 AM) leash: Of course, that discussion can wait. I'm just throwing it out there.
(11:13:02 AM) jrseti_: yes
(11:13:35 AM) jrseti_: Jill: How long do we want to advertise setiSTARS on the main setiQuest site. Forever?
(11:15:42 AM) jrseti_: If it going to be basically permanent I could make a nice advert for it that displays somewhere permanently on the page, but does not take up the room in the main area where we want to advertise setiQuest activities and news
(11:15:42 AM) Jill: SETIStars will continue, but it will change over time offering different opportunities
(11:16:42 AM) Jill: demote it in visibility for now - refeature it when it changes.
(11:16:48 AM) sigblips: Will there be a second fundraising drive or will the "days left" counter continue to be incremented?
(11:17:25 AM) Jill: i think the days left will end now
(11:17:40 AM) jrseti_: Sigblips: I just sent an email to the setistars.org web admin to add a link to http://setiquest.org to http://info.setistars.org/about/
(11:17:41 AM) Guest15848: Title: Homepage | setiQuest (at setiquest.org)
(11:18:08 AM) sigblips: Jill: and jrseti_: excellent, thanks.
(11:19:05 AM) jrseti_: Next topic? KHRM? Can you give us a status...
(11:19:35 AM) khrm: Yes. I have made SonATA run in the 32 bit ubuntu.
(11:19:46 AM) khrm: Here the the pics: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37431415/ubuntu%2032.tar.bz2
(11:20:08 AM) sigblips: 32-bit, wow!, I'm surprised it worked.
(11:20:27 AM) Michael1234: cool!
(11:20:54 AM) khrm: Actually, the major huddle was I am left with no partition.
(11:21:03 AM) khrm: So I am using virtual box.
(11:21:36 AM) khrm: Also we will have to distribute the ACE_WRAPPERS in 32 bit.
(11:21:45 AM) khrm: As compiled by me.
(11:22:12 AM) khrm: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37431415/packages_1.0.tar.gz
(11:22:26 AM) khrm: It's around 30 mb.
(11:22:27 AM) Jill: nice job!
(11:22:49 AM) jrseti_: KHRM: This still requires 2+ processors, correct?
(11:22:50 AM) khrm: 38.2 mb.
(11:23:01 AM) khrm: Er no.
(11:23:07 AM) khrm: jrseti_ No.
(11:23:37 AM) khrm: But if you don't have two processors then out of nearly every 7 times dx crashed.
(11:23:51 AM) khrm: one time.
(11:24:18 AM) khrm: while collecting data.
(11:24:19 AM) Michael1234: resource overload?
(11:24:27 AM) khrm: Maybe.
(11:24:31 AM) khrm: But
(11:24:48 AM) khrm: autogen.sh warns while compiling about that.
(11:25:00 AM) jrseti_: I was never able to get it to work on my Fedora, the DX does not respond properly to the seeker and the activity aborts. KHRM got Fedora to work on his system.
(11:25:12 AM) khrm: On 14.
(11:25:34 AM) jrseti_: I am on 15
(11:25:37 AM) jrseti_: The pencil down date is Aug 15th, next Monday. So, I have to spend time with KHRM this week summing up everything.
(11:25:38 AM) khrm: Now when I updated my 15 it is not working.
(11:25:48 AM) sigblips: The DX crash on a single CPU could be some timing bug in SonATA that usually doesn't get exercised.
(11:26:59 AM) jrseti_: Sigblips: I would assume that is probably the case
(11:27:48 AM) khrm: Also I am thinking we can distribute virtual harddisk images of distros so that windows users too can use that. They come out to be around 2.5 gb.
(11:28:11 AM) jrseti_: That would be good.
(11:28:34 AM) sigblips: 2.5 GB for a virtual image, why so big?
(11:28:57 AM) jrseti_: That seems about right to me
(11:29:48 AM) sigblips: Is most of that space used by the full Linux install? System programs, applications, .
(11:29:55 AM) khrm: Yes.
(11:30:14 AM) khrm: Also a gui is required to run SonATA.
(11:30:17 AM) jrseti_: The voyager data is 600MB
(11:31:08 AM) sigblips: Ohh yeah, Gnome or KDE are huge. I forgot about them and the 600 MB Voyager data.
(11:32:09 AM) Michael1234: I must run thanks!
(11:32:12 AM) Michael1234 left the room
(11:32:30 AM) jrseti_: So, Khrm need to wrap up by Monday
(11:33:04 AM) jrseti_: Next? setiQuest Explorer.....
(11:33:43 AM) jrseti_: I've forked and downloaded onto my MAC, I am reviewing it and seeing what we need to do to get it ready for prime time.
(11:34:40 AM) Jill: i'm pushing on the Galaxy Zoo folks to get in gear and decide whether they are going to take off from what Francis has done or start from scratch
(11:34:48 AM) jrseti_: Also, we have 2 people from Goddard that want to help us make setiQuest Explorer be an HTML5 app.
(11:34:56 AM) sigblips: Have any of the http://issues.setiquest.org/projects/explorer bugs been fixed?
(11:34:57 AM) Guest15848: Title: Explorer - Overview - setiQuest (at issues.setiquest.org)
(11:35:14 AM) jrseti_: I assume not.
(11:35:28 AM) jrseti_: I'll be looking into it
(11:36:22 AM) jrseti_: That is about it for that...
(11:36:33 AM) sigblips: It sounds like Francis won't be working on setiQuest Explorer anymore?
(11:36:43 AM) jrseti_: Jill, any update about the SciFi March 2012 event?
(11:37:30 AM) jrseti_: Francis sent us an email saying he is too busy right now
(11:37:51 AM) jrseti_: So, I need to take it under my wing
(11:38:27 AM) sigblips: If haven't found the OSCON 2011 video with Avinash and Francis. Will there be an on-line video? Was there any interesting setiQuest Explorer news?
(11:38:39 AM) Jill: i've not heard any more from Science Channel since last week - i've made an introduction of you and Gerry and Michael M to Miguel at Discovery.com - he's the one who is in charge of getting game or interactive working for the March 2012 "Join the Search" month.
(11:39:01 AM) jrseti_: I met with Avinash. He will tell us when the video is available. As of the end of last week it was not available.
(11:39:30 AM) jrseti_: Jill: Thanks, I got the emails. I'll be discussing with them
(11:40:31 AM) jrseti_: There is going to be a Popular Science article about SETI, I don't know the exact topics. But I was requested to answer some questions, which were mostly about setiQuest Explorer.
(11:41:54 AM) jrseti_: Avinash said there was a lot of interest. But then I discussed that we really need some simpler smaller, easier to understand projects readily available for people to do. Avinash agrees.
(11:41:55 AM) Jill: the article is one of many that is being spawned by media folks who have seen that SETIStars has met its goal. we haven't done a big press release because we want to make sure we have the USAF on board for continuing operations.
(11:42:24 AM) jrseti_: If we can do that, then we need to identify some events to present at, taking into account the ROI we can get out of it
(11:43:03 AM) Jill: in addition to the SETIStars amount that are shown, i've been given some restricted donations for new HVAC system to augment the aging system in our signal processing room, and we'll tackle that as part of coming out of hibernation
(11:43:39 AM) jrseti_: That will make John Ross' day!
(11:44:05 AM) sigblips: Just curious, roughly, how many kW does the Hat Creek signal processing room consume?
(11:44:31 AM) jrseti_: John Ross would know.
(11:46:00 AM) Jill: ROM is ~60kW
(11:46:25 AM) jrseti_: Sigblips: Ever thought you'd like to get into ruby-on-rails? If so, I could use help on the setiQuest Explorer
(11:46:42 AM) Jill: i've got to go join family now
(11:46:46 AM) Jill: bye
(11:46:53 AM) Jill left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(11:47:04 AM) sigblips: Wow!, that much kW can generate a lot of heat and generate quite an electricity bill.
(11:47:16 AM) jrseti_: yes, it gets hot in there
(11:48:39 AM) sigblips: jrseti_: I don't do much web stuff. I'm mostly a real-time, DSP, and GUI person.
(11:49:03 AM) jrseti_: Sigblips: OK, understood.
(11:49:43 AM) jrseti_: Anything else?
(11:50:19 AM) jrseti_: have we had a meeting?
(11:50:26 AM) sigblips: Not much to say about the recent wiki spamming see http://setiquest.org/wiki/index.php/Special:RecentChanges
(11:50:29 AM) Guest15848: Title: Recent changes - setiquest wiki (at setiquest.org)
(11:50:59 AM) sigblips: Mostly Electronic Cigarette and Pay Day Loan nonsense. It was a lot of work to clean up.
(11:52:04 AM) jrseti_: Thanks for that! They must have had a good time doing all that.
(11:52:26 AM) sigblips: I see only two options: Deal with it and delete it as it is posted or make the Wiki invite only which sort of defeats the purpose of having an open wiki.
(11:53:02 AM) sigblips: I think the wiki spam is all done by bots.
(11:53:09 AM) jrseti_: Yes, untill it gets unmanageable we need to delete any as it is posted.
(11:57:14 AM) sigblips: In the battle of bots vs. humanity the bots will win. ):
(11:57:59 AM) jrseti_: As long as the battle does not involve spam, I'll side with the bots.
(12:00:05 PM) jrseti_: I must go. Thanks to all!
(12:00:54 PM) khrm: jrseti_ When will you be available again?
(12:01:10 PM) jrseti_: for what?
(12:01:24 PM) leash left the room (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(12:01:50 PM) jrseti_: 90 minutes from now. 1:30pm my time
(12:02:18 PM) khrm: Any time after that?
(12:02:33 PM) khrm: what about after 200 minutes?
(12:02:40 PM) jrseti_: yes, the rest of the afternoon.
(12:02:48 PM) sigblips: Bye everybody, I'll post the transcript to the forum.