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Community Meeting 2011-09-06

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[11:01am] jrseti_: All, it is 11am, we can start the meeting
[11:01am] _Jens_: what's on the agenda today, Jon?
[11:01am] jrseti_: AGENDA: 1) Forum watchers
[11:01am] jrseti_: 2) Open Source projects and setiQuest Explorer 3) Galaxy Zoo
[11:02am] jrseti_: 4) Sigblips and the AWS
[11:02am] nanobattery: ( 1): That's us - Jens, Ed (who isn't here yet), and me, Harry.)
[11:02am] sigblips: Wow, I'm a topic!
[11:02am] jrseti_: Always
[11:02am] jrseti_: any other topics?
[11:03am] jrseti_: 1) Forum watchers. We got 3 people: Harry, Jens and Ed.
[11:04am] jrseti_: This weekend I was alerted to 2 forum posts i should reply to. I swear I'll reply to them today!
[11:04am] nanobattery: Heh, okay, great ;)
[11:05am] jrseti_: I think this is really going to help. I did find one that Jill should respond to, and after I alerted her to the post, she replied a long post.
[11:05am] jrseti_: If anyone sees a forum post that should be responded to by a SETI employee - let me know
[11:05am] _Jens_: sure
[11:06am] nanobattery: Yep - we'll do our best
[11:06am] jrseti_: I'm sure you will!
[11:06am] _Jens_: I've got a technical question
[11:07am] _Jens_: I've noticed that some blog entrys are shown in the "Newsdesk" - "From the Forum" section. And some forum postings aren't (I posted something in Q&A today). Which postings appear there?
[11:09am] sigblips: There is a bit of delay because of the way the setiQuest Newsdeck works.
[11:09am] jrseti_: The delay always seems too long
[11:10am] nanobattery: But then there's also the problem of blog posts showing up in the wrong section - for instance, right now, the very first item in the "From the Forum" section actually links to the blog, not the forum
[11:10am] sigblips: Those are blog comments.
[11:10am] Michael1234: the forum links get updated every time the cron program is run. which is about once an hour. we can pep that up.
[11:11am] nanobattery: Right, so blog comments count as forum posts?
[11:11am] Michael1234: As to where the comments appear, we can move them around. nanobattery, you missed an earlier debate in which it was felt that blogs and forum should have the same treatment. I am agnostic on that point
[11:11am] nanobattery: Ah right, sorry. (Only been around for a week or so ;).)
[11:12am] _Jens_: Hey Michael, are there some sub-forums excluded from having their postings shown at the newsdesk?
[11:12am] sigblips: I am just happy that the blog comments are consolidated all in one place. The majority of the blog comments have been spam. So the list makes it much easier to spot them.
[11:12am] Michael1234: um, I don't think so, but lemme check
[11:12am] _Jens_: I ask since my posting is 11 hrs old and hasn't shown up.
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[11:13am] Michael1234: it wasn't about baby shoes, was it?
[11:14am] _Jens_: no, that was the spam :)
[11:14am] Michael1234: lol. It seems that all comments go to the feed. Let me poke around. WHat is your username?
[11:14am] _Jens_: I asked about the progress of the closed SETIQuest Explorer beta in the Q&A-section
[11:14am] _Jens_: My username is Jens
[11:15am] Michael1234: Makes sens
[11:15am] _Jens_: yeah, very creative - I know :)
[11:16am] _Jens_: would have preffered to name myself that way here as well, but seemingly someone registered that nickname before me :)
[11:16am] Michael1234: I understand 1234. YOur post was about follow-up?
[11:17am] _Jens_: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/setiquest-explorer <-- that one
[11:17am] Michael1234: okay, let's table that rather than having everybody wait
[11:18am] _Jens_: yeah, good idea
[11:19am] Michael1234: besides, I just figured it out. It seems that you'll get posted when there's a comment. Oops. I can fix this.
[11:20am] Jill_ joined the chat room.
[11:21am] nanobattery: Greetings!
[11:21am] _Jens_: Probably a good idea, especially since things are yet somewhat quieter.
[11:21am] jrseti_: Next topic? 2) Open Source projects and setiQuest Explorer
[11:21am] jrseti_: This topic is easy - I have none nothing on these projects over the last week
[11:22am] _Jens_: hello Jill!
[11:22am] Jill_: hello Jens
[11:23am] jrseti_: Jens and nanobattery are helping up mind the forum
[11:23am] nanobattery: Aye that we do - and so does ED, but he's not here.
[11:24am] _Jens_: Jon, which leads me to the posting I wrote earlier - what exactly is going on right now? So the closed group of people is still testing and testing and finding new bugs, which are being fixed?
[11:24am] Jill_: sorry i'm late --- i never allow enough time for traffic
[11:24am] nanobattery: Heh, I guess if ET makes the same mistake we're in trouble
[11:24am] Jill_: what closed group?
[11:25am] _Jens_: well. It's not a public beta yet as I understand it.
[11:25am] Jill_: setiQuest explorer has been opened up to all who have signed up to beta
[11:25am] Jill_: Francis Potter did that at the end of July
[11:26am] jrseti_: If you are having trouble signing up - let me knopw
[11:26am] Jill_: we've been looking at the responses of the testers - i.e. how many assignments they complete, how many patterns they mark etc.
[11:27am] _Jens_: Hum, strange. I still cannot access it. Still get the "Thanks for registering for the private beta program. We'll contact you when the program begins, with further information." Maybe because I use Google as authentication?
[11:27am] jrseti_: what URL are you using to sign up?
[11:28am] _Jens_: http://live.seti.hg94.com/
[11:29am] jrseti_: I just now signed up as a new user using Google. It let me start exp[loring. Could this be a browser cache issue?
[11:30am] Michael1234: works for me too
[11:31am] _Jens_: I don't think so - I'm using a computer at work right now and get the same result at home. I also never received any email or so
[11:31am] Michael1234: Poor jens
[11:31am] _Jens_: haha. So my question in the forum earlier obviously is kinda outdated.
[11:32am] Michael1234: maybe we should stall posting all questions till we have answers. Hmm, might not be a good strategy for SETI
[11:32am] Jill_: jrseti - have you heard any more from the two guys at GSFC who were trying to convert this to iphone platform?
[11:32am] jrseti_: Topc 3) Galaxy Zoo
[11:32am] jrseti_: Jill - no - I will send an email now and try to get that moving
[11:33am] Jill_: we are still looking for a project scientist for GZ
[11:35am] Jill_: job is advertised on AAS job site because they want someone with experience with large astronomical databases
[11:35am] jrseti_: Any applicants?
[11:35am] Jill_: where else should we post? i've not seen any applications.
[11:35am] Michael1234: I'd imagine that the accent should be on "large databases" rather than "astronomical". To the programmer, it's just another datum
[11:35am] Michael1234: So, general programming job sites, where these folk are plentiful
[11:35am] jrseti_: I agree with Michael +1
[11:36am] jrseti_: For some reason they want a "scientist".
[11:36am] Jill_: these guys seem pretty inbred - from Oxford astonomical community - i've just sent an inquiry and will make your suggestion
[11:36am] Michael1234: Yeah, and I want Picasso to paint my house, but that really may not be the person to get the job done.
[11:37am] Michael1234: er, you may not want to pass on that exact language...
[11:37am] Jill_: that's because they want this to be citizen science project, not just service computing or click work
[11:37am] Michael1234: Bakers make donuts, technicians run experiments, scientists design projects, programmers program.
[11:38am] Jill_: yes, and it is the design of the project that we are all struggling with right now.
[11:38am] Michael1234: But as to the GZ project, it really does depend on what the job function is
[11:39am] Michael1234: so if I am speaking (typing) out of ignorance than I take it all back
[11:39am] Jill_: you speak from lots of practical experience - never sounds like ignorance to me
[11:40am] Michael1234: Just been around this stuff for a while. Seen what happens when scientists try to design data systems.
[11:41am] jrseti_: About Galaxy Zoo - when complete this will be feeding real-time signal data from the ATA to the Internet. This will probably replace the need for the setiData. Jill - do you agree with that?
[11:42am] Jill_: or when high energy physicists thrown out of work when SCSC was cancelled end up on Wall Street inventing non-linear investment vehicles
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[11:43am] Jill_: Gerry and i have been discussing. since we know ATA will not be available for hours each day when it is collecting data for space situational awareness - we either need to steer volunteers to the signal identification parts of project or have another data source.
[11:44am] jrseti_: So all - stay tuned
[11:44am] Michael1234 joined the chat room.
[11:44am] _Jens_: wb Michael
[11:44am] Michael1234: ty
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[11:45am] Jill_: have you discussed Gerry's plans to make more data available and a tool kit with which to manipulate it?
[11:45am] jrseti_: Not yet
[11:45am] sigblips: A setiData library of unique sources is a valuable resource for anyone interested in getting started looking at the data.
[11:46am] Michael1234: documented on the wiki?
[11:46am] Jill_: what about the hoards of people (relatively speaking) starting to work at the ATA today?
[11:46am] jrseti_: After this meeting I am driving to the ATA
[11:46am] devon_hillard: the ATA is up?
[11:47am] devon_hillard: I thought they still needed funding
[11:47am] Michael1234: take pictures. We can post.
[11:47am] _Jens_: hello devon
[11:47am] jrseti_: We got funding! setiStars.org
[11:47am] devon_hillard: allen telescope array, right?
[11:47am] jrseti_: yes
[11:47am] Jill_: we are finally in a position to start bringing the array out of hibernation - since it wasn't built to hibernate, we have to do that carefully to make sure we don't break anything
[11:48am] devon_hillard: did paul allen fork over the rest of the money for it?
[11:48am] jrseti_: I'll take pictures over the next 2 days and post what is being done. I am sure people will be interested.
[11:48am] nanobattery: @devon: not quite, go to setistars.org - it was a community-driven effort, so to speak
[11:49am] jrseti_: Paul Allen did not donate any new funds
[11:49am] sigblips: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/setistarsorg-launches
[11:49am] devon_hillard: he probably didn't want to get the project too dependent on his money :)
[11:49am] Jill_: no Paul Allen did the courageous bit of investing up front. SETI Stars are 2600+ individual donors
[11:50am] Jill_: like astronaut Bill Anders (Apollo 8) and Jodie Foster ---- they gave us huge visibility
[11:50am] Michael1234: I am impressed at how well this went
[11:50am] devon_hillard: well, I am more excited about the astronomy thing than the seti thing :)
[11:50am] Jill_: and it will start a new phase of operation when we are back looking at the sky - stay tuned!
[11:50am] nanobattery: Do we have time to discuss some non-trivial forum-related issues? There are a few things we can do to create a more vibrant online SQ community
[11:51am] Michael1234: I can stay
[11:51am] _Jens_: me too.
[11:51am] devon_hillard: I think aliens would rather use optical or above to communicate, using tight beams
[11:51am] Jill_: sadly astronomy will get little emphasis for a while, with UCB backing out as our partner. we are looking for new astronomical partners.
[11:51am] devon_hillard: due to the bandwidth and less dispersion
[11:51am] jrseti_: we should probably let Sigblips talk about his work on the Amazon Web Service
[11:52am] nanobattery: okay, fair enough ;)
[11:52am] jrseti_: Jill - haven't heard about UCB backing out
[11:52am] jrseti_: Sorry - yes I have !
[11:52am] devon_hillard: Jill_ is Jill Tarter?
[11:53am] Jill_: yes - their inablility to provide operating funds was the whole reason for hibernation crisis.
[11:53am] Jill_: sigblips has done a lot of great work on AWS
[11:53am] jrseti_: +1
[11:54am] jrseti_: Sigblips - fill us in
[11:54am] sigblips: An EBS disk of setiData on AWS broke. Most of the data has been restored. Some is still missing. There is now a backup plan.
[11:54am] Michael1234: wow, i thought that was ~impossible
[11:54am] Jill_: our bad, we did too!
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[11:55am] sigblips: Gerry has some new datasets that I'm going to copy over and put online.
[11:56am] sigblips: I'm also consolidating so that there are more available resources for Galaxy setiZoo. We were at 75% donation capacity.
[11:57am] jrseti_: I'm grateful you were able to figure out how close we are to capacity
[11:58am] Jill_: ah... is that 75% capacity across S3 and EC2 or just one flavor?
[11:58am] sigblips: Jill_: All, combined.
[11:59am] Jill_: my lunch visitor has arrived. i'll sign off now.
[11:59am] jrseti_: bye
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[12:00pm] jrseti_: We are at the end of the hour.
[12:00pm] Michael1234: Anyone wanna stay and talk forum?
[12:00pm] jrseti_: nanobattery - you wanted to stay on and discuss the forum?
[12:00pm] _Jens_: yeah, I'd like to
[12:00pm] Michael1234: Okey doke
[12:01pm] _Jens_: Michael, just so that I get it right: You administer the whole forum or even the whole website?
[12:01pm] Michael1234: The whole setiquest.org website
[12:01pm] sigblips: and the wiki.
[12:01pm] Michael1234: by default because nobody else knows drupal
[12:02pm] Michael1234: ... and the wiki
[12:02pm] nanobattery: Sorry - was AFK
[12:02pm] Michael1234: wb
[12:02pm] nanobattery: Forum - yep
[12:03pm] nanobattery: I think we should really enable users to actually upload avatar pictures and a signature
[12:03pm] nanobattery: That's standard on most forums that aim to create some kind of community
[12:03pm] _Jens_: I see. And sigblips - you are much into the scientific part of data analyzing?
[12:04pm] sigblips: Yes I do like analyzing signals.
[12:04pm] Michael1234: I agree, and should be able to enable that. There are a number of updates to apply fiirst, but the pics should be pretty straightforward. I have set that up elsewhere. Signatures I need to check, but should be easy too
[12:04pm] nanobattery: Okay, great
[12:04pm] nanobattery: There's also the issue of replies in threads not appearing in chronological order
[12:05pm] nanobattery: To me, this is somewhat cumbersome and confusing, but maybe that's just me
[12:05pm] Michael1234: But they are threaded, yes?
[12:05pm] nanobattery: Yyes.. I think
[12:05pm] Michael1234: we can change that. I took the site as configured, assuming that everything was PERFECT before I showed up.
[12:05pm] jrseti_: guys - sorry - I gotta go. Off for a long drive to the ATA
[12:06pm] sigblips: The forum uses threaded reverse chronological order.
[12:06pm] nanobattery: Okay, see ya! Have fun ;)
[12:06pm] _Jens_: have fun Jon. Wish I could come with you. Must be nice seeing it for real
[12:06pm] jrseti_: I'll take pictures!
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