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Community Meeting 2012-04-10

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IRC chat on Tuesday! Join us April 10, 2012, 11am California time, 18:00GMT, for our weekly setiQuest IRC chat at irc://irc.freenode.net/#setiquest
Or in a browser: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=setiquest
Lets make an agenda. I'll start with my suggestions, please feel free to reply and add your own.

  1. SETILive! Thoughts, comments? Has anyone been using it?
  2. MWWT - Leash
  3. Website issues
  4. Other?

..Other topics?


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* The SETI Institute stopped


* The SETI Institute stopped promoting setiQuest about a year ago. Why? What are the future plans?

* Is it time for the orderly shutdown of setiQuest Explorer?

If so then here are the steps:

1) Remove the "Explore the Skies Yourself" http://setiquest.org/#tab2 page.

2) Have Francis send an email to all setiQuest Explorer uses.

3) Have Francis shutdown http://live.seti.hg94.com/ and the master setiQuest Explorer server.

4) Stop the 4 AWS instances that are servicing the setiQuest Explorer waterfalls.

Also, somebody needs to respond to this guy's post: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/hello-nooband-quick-question

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Joined: 2010-04-20
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[11:01am] jrseti_: Hello

[11:01am] jrseti_: Hello all!
[11:01am] jrseti_: Welcome!
[11:01am] sigblips: Hello SETIzens.
[11:01am] jrseti_: See http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/community-meeting-2012-04-10
[11:02am] jrseti_: 1) Any SETILive! thoughts? Have you been using it?
[11:03am] jrseti_: I have! I use it to make sure my programs that feed the data to it are working.
[11:03am] leash: I confess that I have not registered yet. I got caught up in the holidays and studying for my GRE. :(
[11:04am] jrseti_: I just posted //github.com/setiQuest/SetiQuestInfo
[11:04am] jrseti_: \
[11:04am] jrseti_: http://github.com/setiQuest/SetiQuestInfo
[11:04am] sigblips: You need to add some http://setiquest.info links to the http://setiquest.org pages.
[11:04am] jrseti_: This contains the "Renderer" program that feeds data to SETILive!
[11:05am] jrseti_: Sigblips: Not yet! I am still moving to the new server - and improving the code at the same time. The renderer is now running full time on the new server.
[11:05am] Michael_Mo: Sounds worth a look. What's it written in?
[11:05am] jrseti_: Java
[11:06am] Michael_Mo: yay! My favorite
[11:06am] sigblips: Do you know how to translate the SETI Live observation or target GSL0000ZZZ tags into dates and activity numbers?
[11:06am] jrseti_: I really don't think many will be interested in the code, but it will help our process with the SETILive folks, they may try to improve some things.
[11:07am] jrseti_: Sigblips: No, I do not. You should post on their forum that it would be useful to display that information
[11:08am] sigblips: OK, I'll do that.
[11:09am] jrseti_: Sort-of-another-topic: We've never had closure on the setiquest Explorer
[11:10am] sigblips: That's topic 5) on the list http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/community-meeting-2012-04-10
[11:10am] Michael_Mo: I think only you and jill have contact with them, yes? Personally, I see no harm in leaving it up
[11:12am] jrseti_: We just got this on the forum: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/hello-nooband-quick-question
[11:12am] jrseti_: I think he is referring to setiquest Explorer?
[11:12am] jrseti_: I don't want to lead people on making them think we will use the information
[11:13am] leash: Should he be directed to SETIlive?
[11:13am] sigblips: People are also expecting bug fixes and answers to setiQuest Explorer questions.
[11:13am] jrseti_: Sigblips: yes, i see your forum post now
[11:14am] sigblips: If setiQuest Explorer is active then we need to support it in some manner.
[11:14am] sigblips: The AWS resources used by setiQuest Explorer are minimal so that isn't an issue. But cleaning up unused resources is nice.
[11:14am] Michael_Mo: ah yes that is a good point. Is anybody doing that"
[11:15am] Michael_Mo: the support, I mean?
[11:15am] jrseti_: Strange - one minute before you posted this - i emailed the posers that be about this topic - properly shut down setiquest explorer.
[11:15am] sigblips: It's called telepathy. (:
[11:16am] jrseti_: Sigblips: I agree. All of the steps you mention about setiquest explorer can be taken now. I will reply to madDogDonnie
[11:17am] sigblips: Who are the "posers" you emailed?
[11:17am] Michael_Mo: heh
[11:17am] Michael_Mo: posters, maybe?
[11:18am] jrseti_: I just sent an email to francis potter about setiquest Explorer
[11:19am] jrseti_: Yes, posters
[11:19am] jrseti_: Wait .... no, I meant "powers"
[11:20am] jrseti_: Sigblips asks: The SETI Institute stopped promoting setiQuest about a year ago. Why? What are the future plans?
[11:20am] jrseti_: Hmmm... good question!
[11:21am] Michael_Mo: Gotta tell ya, I think SETI has gone another direction.
[11:21am] jrseti_: Yep
[11:21am] Michael_Mo: Saying this without any official capacity or knowledge
[11:21am] sigblips: About a year ago setiQuest disappeared from the main http://seti.org page and Jill stopped mentioning it press releases, interviews, ...
[11:22am] jrseti_: The main issue, in my opinion, is that we at SETI did not think through the amount of person-resources necessary to keep a vibrant community vibrant.
[11:22am] jrseti_: Also, SETI does not have their PR act together.
[11:22am] sigblips: The ATA went into hibernation and http://setistars.org become important but setiQuest seemed to lose the love.
[11:23am] sigblips: Does the SETI Institute still love setiQuest?
[11:23am] jrseti_: Don't feel bad! setistars has lost love also
[11:24am] sigblips: Michael_Mo: Do you mean SETI has gone optical? Or are you referring to SETI Live?
[11:24am] jrseti_: SetiQuest lost a lot of love from the community in the aftermath of not supplying any more raw data or support/interest in distributing raw data.
[11:24am] Michael_Mo: Err, neither one. I am saying that SETI seems to have looked at other communities than SQ
[11:25am] Michael_Mo: more or less outsourcing to GZ. Not saying it's bad, just saying it is not us.
[11:25am] Michael_Mo: +1 jr
[11:25am] Michael_Mo: Although Optical continues to be an area of interest.
[11:26am] sigblips: setiQuest needs to find its place in this. Optical and SETI Live.
[11:26am] jrseti_: Good way to put it: the data topic is being outsourced to SETILive
[11:26am] jrseti_: By optical you mean Kepler?
[11:27am] sigblips: By optical I mean lasers. Have you seen: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/new_scientist/2012/04/g...
[11:27am] jrseti_: Funny - I've never hear of this. But I am a bit sequestered.
[11:28am] Michael_Mo: Right. Looking for that microfraction of a second flash, maybe one or two photons, that means "Here we are"
[11:28am] sigblips: Geoff Marcy, my old teacher, is an amazing person so it will interesting how this progresses.
[11:28am] Michael_Mo: maybe a photon and a half.
[11:29am] jrseti_: The ATA is the best thing going. Just needs better PR
[11:29am] Michael_Mo: Where "better" = "some"
[11:31am] jrseti_: some
[11:31am] sigblips: Any updates on the ATA dish repairs? How many antenna are currently active?
[11:31am] jrseti_: I think about 30 now. But I do not know the status.
[11:32am] sigblips: Individual antenna status would be a useful addition to http://setiquest.info
[11:32am] jrseti_: Leash:
[11:32am] jrseti_: I got your email about MWWT.
[11:32am] jrseti_: How shall we proceed?
[11:33am] leash: Yes. Cool. I need to recall the files you and I made last summer.
[11:33am] leash: Is there any new information we can add to them?
[11:34am] jrseti_: I'll try to find them this afternoon
[11:34am] leash: How can I recall that post I made 9 months ago? I was not able to find it in the archive.
[11:34am] sigblips: MWWT = http://setiquest.org/wiki/index.php/Microsoft_World_Wide_Telescope
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[11:34am] jrseti_: Leash; yes, we do have more planets in the kepler database. i will review
[11:34am] jrseti_: The post you made on setiquest?
[11:35am] leash: Thank you sigblips. jrseti- Send that information my way if you can.\
[11:35am] jrseti_: Also, all your blogs are at http://setiquest.org/blogs/ashugart
[11:35am] leash: I can update the posts, and renew the tour I attempted to create last summer.
[11:36am] leash: Cool. The problem was the Microsoft never contacted me about publishing a tour, and I was unable to move further.
[11:36am] leash: I will try again, but in the mean time, I can refresh what we have.
[11:37am] jrseti_: Yes, i wonder what the state is of the MWWT program. Is Microsoft still pushing it as the next best thing?
[11:38am] leash: I'm not sure.
[11:38am] jrseti_: OK, I'll try to see if an update is in order
[11:39am] leash: Okay. I have to leave early again, but I'll keep you posted. Send any new info my way. :)
[11:39am] jrseti_: bye
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[11:39am] jrseti_: 3) Any website issues? Not any spem on setiQuest this week. I assume none on the wiki
[11:40am] jrseti_: "spam", not spem
[11:40am] Michael_Mo: I confess to not looking at either one this week.
[11:40am] sigblips: No wiki spam.
[11:40am] Michael_Mo: or spem
[11:42am] jrseti_: Anthing else to discuss this week?
[11:43am] jrseti_: Sigblips was very helpful helping set up the new server that will replace setiquest.info
[11:44am] sigblips: Any more group permission problems?
[11:44am] jrseti_: No more problems. The new server is running the renderer jsut fine.
[11:44am] Michael_Mo: Good man. Group permissions are one of my blind spots
[11:45am] sigblips: Networked group permissions are even more fun! (:
[11:45am] Jill joined the chat room.
[11:45am] jrseti_: Hello Jill
[11:45am] Michael_Mo: Good morning
[11:45am] sigblips: Hi.
[11:46am] Jill: i was just parked on 101 for 1/2 hour - no idea why traffic was stopped. hello
[11:46am] Michael_Mo: Welcome!
[11:46am] sigblips: One of those phantom traffic jams. Chaos theory is to blame.
[11:46am] Jill: sigblips - please post earlier part of chat.
[11:47am] sigblips: I'll post the final transcript to the forum at the end but here is the current IRC log: http://irc.sigblips.com/setiQuest/2012/setiquest.04-10-2012.log
[11:48am] jrseti_: We were about ready to end
[11:50am] jrseti_: Jill - one thing - did Francis ever send out that email to his email group
[11:50am] jrseti_: we were discussing that closure would be good
[11:51am] Jill: to my knowledge - Francis never did the shutdown we had orchestrated before Christmas. was supposed to happen when SETILive launched.
[11:51am] jrseti_: I emailed him this morning about this
[11:53am] jrseti_: So, are we finished for today?
[11:53am] sigblips: One thing we should all think about for next week is the topic of goals. What is setiQuest's goal? What do we want to accomplish?
[11:54am] jrseti_: yes
[11:55am] jrseti_: I'll add that to the agenda list. I'll make one up early this time
[11:56am] jrseti_: have you seen the UFO video? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/ufo-video-seoul-south-korea.html
[11:56am] sigblips: No I haven't.
[11:57am] jrseti_: Sorry, but I've seen it a lot on the news lately.
[11:58am] jrseti_: OK all, I've got to go. Thanks for today
[11:59am] sigblips: How many people saw it?, was it detected by ground radar?, ... So many questions. No answers.
[11:59am] dk3232 joined the chat room.
[11:59am] jrseti_: Looks like doctored video to me
[11:59am] Jill: was interupted by visitor - in earlier discussion about lack of SETI Inst. support for setiQuest - remember that we lost Avinash whose job it was to garden and grow the community. we are shy of human resources.
[11:59am] dk3232: hello
[12:01pm] jrseti_: dk3232: hello
[12:02pm] dk3232: what is on the agenda this week
[12:02pm] jrseti_: dk3232: Sorry - we are ending the discussion - time is up.
[12:03pm] jrseti_: you can see the posting at http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/community-meeting-2012-04-10
[12:03pm] sigblips: It is 12:03 now. Did day lights savings time cause this mix up?
[12:03pm] Jill: just looked at your video. without knowing what formations on ground are, my guess is that plane was low ~10000 feet. at that altitude Jack and i have been attacked by mylar helium balloons - this has the look of standard weather radiosonde balloon partially deflated.
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