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Community Meeting 2012-11-27

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IRC chat on Tuesday! Join us November 27, 2012, 11am California time, 18:00GMT, for our weekly 30 minute setiQuest IRC chat at irc://irc.freenode.net/#setiquest
Or in a browser: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=setiquest
Today's topic can be:

  1. SETILive update - hopefully Lou from SETILive will be on the chat.
  2. Anything else?


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[7:00pm] jrseti_: Hello, it

[7:00pm] jrseti_: Hello, it is 11am
[7:00pm] jrseti_: Hello Lou!
[7:00pm] lnigra: hello Jon
[7:00pm] sigblips: Hi there.
[7:01pm] jrseti_: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/community-meeting-2012-11-27
[7:01pm] jrseti_: Lou: You are the only aganda item!
[7:01pm] lnigra: alright
[7:01pm] sigblips: 2) Spam report.
[7:01pm] sigblips: 3) Antonio ATA feed news and question.
[7:02pm] sigblips: 4) New Communicate campaign. setistars.org or teamseti.org?
[7:02pm] sigblips: 5) What are the long terms plans and funding for both setiQuest and SETI Live?
[7:02pm] sigblips: That's it for me.
[7:02pm] lnigra: The current status of SETILive: Basically working pretty well with a few bugs...
[7:02pm] jrseti_: Lou, can you give us a status?
[7:03pm] jrseti_: Is the dev site up and running?
[7:04pm] lnigra: The dev site is no longer. The new version is on the main site. Still got some things to add and some bugs to fix.
[7:04pm] lnigra: Seem to have a good number of folks on from time to time..
[7:05pm] jrseti_: I'll try it tonight
[7:05pm] lnigra: Saturday morning, there were 15 to 20 people online doing 30-50 classifications per minute rate
[7:05pm] jrseti_: Any reports back to the ATA?
[7:05pm] sigblips: I haven't gotten a followup yet but I've tried. Are followups operational?
[7:05pm] jrseti_: Yes, the ATA should respond
[7:06pm] lnigra: Followups are operational. We had some on that day when Voyager data was actually making it to SETILive...
[7:07pm] lnigra: I earned a 2nd level followup badge. Not sure yet if they were legit or not.
[7:07pm] jrseti_: We have scheduled every Wednesday to look for Voyager
[7:07pm] lnigra: Yeah, the data isn't compatible any longer with SETILive, so we won't get any of that data again.
[7:08pm] sigblips: Is Voyager at the same time as SETI Live is active? Or a different slice of the ATA schedule?
[7:08pm] lnigra: Regarding followups - I have to investigate the ones we've had. Lots of bogus ones when we switched databases last week
[7:08pm] jrseti_: It is schedules as a regular obs. Although, SETILive will probably not get data.
[7:09pm] lnigra: Voyager sessions show as active on SETILive, but the data doesn't get uploaded - the integration time is longer than 93 seconds
[7:09pm] lnigra: the renderer rejects them.
[7:10pm] jrseti_: That is reasonable.
[7:10pm] lnigra: I'm going to adjust the followup testing algorithm to adapt to the number of users classifying.
[7:11pm] jrseti_: I should have the seekerWatcher not report the ATA as active if it is viewing Voyager
[7:11pm] lnigra: Yes that would be convenient. I'm re-setting the status manually right now. Not a big deal, but changing the seekerWatcher would be nice.
[7:12pm] lnigra: Related to telescope status. I'm adding a new feature to SETILive...
[7:12pm] lnigra: Below the "Telescope Active" icon on top right will be the expected time for the next status change...
[7:13pm] lnigra: I wrote a java class to check the schedule xml and post the time the current status is expected to change to Frank/Marv
[7:14pm] lnigra: I can have Renderer call it every five minutes. Could be added to seekerWatcher
[7:14pm] lnigra: I've already got a prototype working with the Renderer, so I'll just do that for now.
[7:15pm] jrseti_: No, I can easily to it with 1 line of code in the seekerWatcher
[7:16pm] lnigra: As far as status goes. I'll end with a statement that I'm going to focus now on making sure that we have the best chance possible of triggering a followup...
[7:16pm] jrseti_: great
[7:16pm] lnigra: when there's any signal that might be a candidate seen by a minimum acceptable number of people.
[7:16pm] jrseti_: 2) spam
[7:16pm] jrseti_: Sigblips?
[7:16pm] sigblips: How does a user know a followup has happened? Will I get an alert or a badge?
[7:18pm] lnigra: A "silver" notification bar shows up at top of the page. You'll also get a followup credit if you classified for the followup trigger. A badge at various numbers of such followup credits.
[7:18pm] lnigra: (I've got a level 2 badge, hehe>
[7:18pm] sigblips: OK thanks. I'll look for it.
[7:18pm] sigblips: 2) Spam report
[7:19pm] sigblips: The forum moderation works. Zero spam in the past couples weeks.
[7:19pm] jrseti_: Nothing to report! Great
[7:19pm] lnigra: great!
[7:19pm] jrseti_: 3) Antonio ATA feed news and question.
[7:19pm] sigblips: The captcha for posts is also gone. Now we just need to get some users to post messages!
[7:20pm] jrseti_: What's the question about Anotonio
[7:20pm] sigblips: Have you heard the news for the $3.5M Franklin Antonio grant for the new ATA feed?
[7:21pm] sigblips: In the video Jill says it will take about 20 months for all 42 ATA dishes to be outfitted with the new feed.
[7:21pm] lnigra: double sensitivity?
[7:22pm] lnigra: heard that anyway. don't remember where.
[7:22pm] jrseti_: up to 15GHz, with the system temp much lower
[7:22pm] sigblips: Jill also says the new feed will be shorter, she visually chops the feed in half. My question is how does this effect frequency response?
[7:22pm] jrseti_: Don't know if it is double
[7:23pm] lnigra: how much lower? any idea?
[7:23pm] jrseti_: It will only go down to 1GHz
[7:23pm] sigblips: It seems like the ATA will lose a bottom octave of frequency response.
[7:23pm] jrseti_: We never use < 1GHz in our obs
[7:24pm] sigblips: So from 500 MHz to 1 GHz?
[7:24pm] jrseti_: I don't know how much lower the toys is projected to be
[7:24pm] jrseti_: Right now they are in the phase of ordering all the parts.
[7:24pm] jrseti_: I'm not involved at all
[7:24pm] lnigra: anyway, nice that ATA is getting some attention.
[7:25pm] sigblips: The setiQuest data archive has one dataset collected at 611 MHz. All the other datasets are >= 1410 MHz.
[7:25pm] sigblips: http://setiquest.org/wiki/index.php/SetiQuest_Data
[7:26pm] dk3232 joined the chat room.
[7:26pm] sigblips: Do you know who is doing the construction work of the new vacuum sealed ATA feed?
[7:26pm] jrseti_: No idea.
[7:26pm] dk3232: hey
[7:26pm] sigblips: Berkeley?
[7:26pm] jrseti_: Not Berkeley
[7:27pm] dk3232: is the algorithms project still going on?
[7:27pm] jrseti_: dk3232: hello
[7:27pm] dk3232: did you find a new software engineer yet?
[7:27pm] dk3232: i saw a new job opening at the SETi Inst. web site
[7:27pm] jrseti_: Yes, she starts Dec 10
[7:28pm] sigblips: Hello dk3232. You can read what you have missed so far here http://irc.sigblips.com/setiQuest/2012/setiquest.11-27-2012.log
[7:28pm] dk3232: cool
[7:29pm] sigblips: 4) New Communicate campaign. setistars.org or teamseti.org?
[7:29pm] jrseti_: The algorithms project. The SETI data is still available for download, anyone can try their own algorithms
[7:30pm] sigblips: Which one are we promoting? Seems like setistars.org
[7:30pm] jrseti_: 4) SETIStars and teamSETI is run my the other division of SETI
[7:30pm] jrseti_: We promote SETIStars
[7:30pm] jrseti_: It should be working, right?
[7:30pm] jrseti_: Funds to SETIStars goes to ATA efforts
[7:31pm] sigblips: Yes. Algorithms project, setiQuest data? Did I miss something?
[7:31pm] lnigra: ditto
[7:31pm] jrseti_: Sigblips: dk3232 asked about the algorithms project
[7:32pm] dk3232: i was looking at all the seti quest projects
[7:32pm] dk3232: and just going down the line what needs to be done
[7:32pm] dk3232: i going to get a new computer in about 2-3 weeks
[7:32pm] dk3232: so I can start working
[7:32pm] sigblips: Will it run Linux?
[7:32pm] jrseti_: Dual processor?
[7:33pm] dk3232: yes
[7:33pm] dk3232: 8gb ram
[7:33pm] jrseti_: 8g is good
[7:33pm] jrseti_: Linux?
[7:33pm] dk3232: yes
[7:33pm] dk3232: well it is going to come with windows but I can always install Linux
[7:33pm] sigblips: In the video Jill mentioned that the Communicate campaign will also create a non-SETI research fund for the people upstairs. Any idea what the % split will be?
[7:34pm] jrseti_: No idea
[7:34pm] dk3232: jrseti_did the GSOC leave any work that needs to be done on the algorithm side?
[7:34pm] jrseti_: No
[7:35pm] sigblips: It would also be good if the Communicate Campaign had more solid targets of how the funding will be used, how it will help. What are the goals ...
[7:35pm] jrseti_: agreed
[7:36pm] dk3232: jrseti_so the algorithms project is complete?
[7:36pm] jrseti_: I think so. That is Gerry arp's project and he had an intern on-site all last summer
[7:37pm] dk3232: so the next project is the virtual 3D array
[7:37pm] jrseti_: "Harp", not "arp"
[7:37pm] sigblips: Getting the ATA out of hibernation was a call-to-action. I don't know what the call or action is for the Communicate campaign. This message should be communicated better. (:
[7:38pm] jrseti_: I've been trying to get the 3D antenna imported and cleaned up in Google sketchup
[7:38pm] jrseti_: Sigblips: I'll talk to Jill about this. I really have no idea
[7:39pm] sigblips: Or Karen. Thanks.
[7:39pm] jrseti_: dk3232: Do you ant to work on cleaning up the antenna model?
[7:39pm] dk3232: well as soon as I get my computer I will work on that project
[7:39pm] dk3232: Help get the SonATA Distro Working: is this project done with?
[7:40pm] jrseti_: OK, thins would be good to do on your new computer
[7:40pm] jrseti_: I think the distro is in good shape. Yes, it would be nice to have more work done on it, but I don't know if it will help the efforts
[7:41pm] sigblips: Jrseti_: How much RAM do you have on your MacBook?
[7:41pm] jrseti_: 8GB
[7:41pm] sigblips: Thought so. Thanks.
[7:41pm] dk3232: what needs to be done on the distro?
[7:42pm] dk3232: maybe if we get the distro perfect we can send it to Linux pro magazine
[7:42pm] jrseti_: dk3232: Nothing anymore needs to be done. I think it is working about as good as it can
[7:42pm] jrseti_: dk3232: I don't think that will be productive. It is really hard to get running, and when it does run it is something most people will not understand
[7:43pm] dk3232: maybe create script and GUI to help automate processes
[7:43pm] jrseti_: It actually automates pretty well now
[7:44pm] jrseti_: So, I don't see anymore work needed on the distro
[7:44pm] dk3232: so what needs to be done
[7:44pm] jrseti_: But the 3D antenna model, that needs work and you can do that right away when you get your computer
[7:45pm] jrseti_: After the antenna model is complete I'd like to create a virtual ATA using Unity3D
[7:46pm] dk3232: ok
[7:46pm] jrseti_: Any other topics? Comments
[7:46pm] jrseti_: ?
[7:46pm] dk3232: I am looking at
[7:46pm] dk3232: the pontential projects
[7:46pm] dk3232: RFI periodicity tracking?
[7:46pm] dk3232: could this be something to work on
[7:47pm] jrseti_: give me the URL?
[7:47pm] dk3232: http://setiquest.org/wiki/index.php/Project_Ideas
[7:49pm] jrseti_: I need to edit that page. That idea was from several years ago, most were. Now, we don't have the resources to start something like that. Sorry.
[7:49pm] jrseti_: The Google Sky project would be good
[7:49pm] jrseti_: for you.
[7:49pm] sigblips: That segues nicely to:
[7:50pm] jrseti_: Want to work on that? Display what the ATA is looking at in Google Sky
[7:50pm] sigblips: 5) What are the long terms plans and funding for both setiQuest and SETI Live?
[7:50pm] jrseti_: Would involve creating KML files for Google Sky
[7:51pm] jrseti_: Sigblips: I am not prepared to answer that! setiQuest is to a point where it does not take much resources (as is complained about on the forum over and over again)
[7:51pm] jrseti_: SETILise - I don't know. I assume that once Lou gets it all running there will be renewed interest
[7:52pm] jrseti_: dk3232: Take a look at http://setiquest.org/wiki/index.php/Google_Sky_Project
[7:52pm] dk3232: you still updating SonATA on Github
[7:52pm] dk3232: that is the only resources that seti quest really needs
[7:53pm] lnigra: regarding SetiLive, my contract ends in January. I don't think zooniverse and SI have worked out what to do beyond that yet. I'll look into it.
[7:54pm] sigblips: This info is good to know for long term planning. In order to meet setiQuest user expectations. How long to keep servers operational. Stuff like that …
[7:55pm] jrseti_: thanks
[7:56pm] jrseti_: All, I have to go. Thanks for the meeting. Talk to you next week….
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[7:56pm] sigblips: Good meeting. Talk to you all later.
[7:56pm] lnigra: Thanks. Later.
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