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The SETI Institute has launched a new funding initiative called the Curiosity Movement.


Finding "the Next Generation of SETI Scientists" is Jill Tarter's featured project.  She says:

"I've spent my career exploring for evidence of other technological
civilizations beyond Earth. Now, I'm looking to find my successor. I want to
personally mentor a postdoc who is interested in devoting their career to
SETI science."
I'm a bit confused.  Gerry Harp took over as the Director of SETI Research when Jill retired a year ago.  So doesn't that make Gerry Jill's successor?  Jill is an amazing one-of-a-kind human being.  Finding an inexperienced postdoc that can fill her enormous shoes won't be easy. The project lists a $300K goal.
The Curiosity Movement launched today.  So far, in the past 13 hours, 2 contributors have donated $550 towards Jill's project. The two other featured SETI Institute projects are doing better ($12K+).  All the donations go to a general Institute fund so it's all good for the future of SETI.
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