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dispersed short pulses

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It is well known that a pulsed signal emitted some distance from the earth will undergo dispersion due to the plasma (ionized hydrogen) between stars in our galaxy. Short (<100 ms) pulsed signals are presently a topic of great interest for many astronomers; SETI scientists imagine ET may signal in this way, millisecond pulsar observations suffer this dispersion, and everyone is interested in astronomical bodies that might emit short pulse radiation as from a collapsing black hole.

Meanwhile, the square kilometer array study group is thinking how they might build a pulse detector. Here is a memo describing the work:


Not long ago I posted a memo which gives an introduction that may be helpful:

posting: http://setiquest.org/forum/topic/some-brief-answers-many-questions
memo: www.gerryharp.com/documents/seti-memo-5.pdf