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Free cloud for a year

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Anders Feder
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If you have an idea for an cloud application you would like to make for SETI, but don't have the money to get started on the hosting side, Amazon is now offering free time in their cloud for the next year: http://aws.amazon.com/free/

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Anders, thanks for posting

Anders, thanks for posting that, I can't wait to sign up. 12-months free access to a Linux Micro Instance, some bandwidth, and other Amazon cloud services. The offer starts November 1st.

A "Micro Instance" is equivalent to a 1 GHz Pentium/Operton and has 613 MB of RAM. So it is no powerhouse. It won't be able to run SonATA and I won't be able to do the big memory stuff I wanted to try with baudline. The disk space is also limited to 5 and/or? 10 GB so all setiQuest data will have to processed in RAM with minimal disk output. But there are a number of things this Micro Instance might be useful for:

* Build SonATA code.
* Remote compatibility testing of baudline on different Linux distributions.
* Run baudline remotely on the local S3 setiQuest data without downloading. Need to keep a careful eye on the outbound 15 GB network bandwidth limit.
* Learn how the Amazon cloud works, prototype simple detector / analysis ideas.
* Might be able to process real-time ATA data that is streamed to the cloud.

Does anyone know if this free offer has unlimited bandwidth for accessing the local S3 setiQuest data?  These datasets are huge and it could get expensive if you have to pay for the disk bandwidth.

Another caveat is that signup requires a credit card and you will be charged for any overage. Also the free service disappears in 12 months just when you will have started to rely on it!  Good thing the Micro Instance is cheap at 2.5 cents/hour and even less if you use the spot market or pre-pay for a year or more. Internet bandwidth is expensive though at 15 cents/GB. For more pricing see:


Anders Feder
Joined: 2010-04-22
Posts: 618
Like you, I wouldn't bet on

Like you, I wouldn't bet on it, but there are those who expect Amazon to eventually extend the offer beyond the 1 year as a permanent "free tier" to compete with Google's similar offer on their App Engine cloud.

I believe data transfer from SETI's account is free if your instance is placed in the same data center/region-thingy as theirs. To what extent this is something you can choose yourself, I don't know.