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High End Semiconductor Device Development Kits

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Many of the Semiconductor suppliers like Freescale, Texas Instruments, Xilinx and Altera sell many thousand high end development kits to their customers to get them started in their design projects. Usually these boards are used for 6 months to 1 year and then lay around in the lab to collect dust. These state of the art boards are still functional and have multi-million gate 500 Mhz FPGAs and multiple 64 bit PowerPC/ARM Cortex cores running at 1 Ghz plus for example. These boards represent some serious processing power that could be 100% deditcated to DSP 24/7. Assume that a large number (hundreds) of each type of these kits could be donated from various companies that no longer use them and assembled in some type of farm all connected via ethernet to communicate. Most kits have a BSP, support Linux, ethernet, and the FPGA kits could actually do some of the DSP in hardware.

Any comments?

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I am interested.

I was considering this myself and went to ebay. All I found was the TMS320C6713. Although obsolete someone is looking for $350 for it on ebay. However, I need a crash course in the basics and some experience before I consider purchasing something like this. Due to the requirements for a course I am taking I would not have tiime for such a project until the end of this year. However, I am interested.


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Hopefully you have not

Hopefully you have not undertaken the deal. Use beagleboard or hawkboard. They are far cheaper if you are a beginner.
 330$ for C6713  , I can't believe it. You must have read something wrong