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SETI Live and Alien Encounters

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On March 13th and 20th 2012 the Discovery's Science Channel will air two episodes entitled Alien Encounters featuring the SETI Institute and the new Zoonverse SETI Live app.


Here are two paragraphs from the press release that are of specific interest to the setiQuest community:

"In addition to the programming, ARE WE ALONE? brings viewers into the search for extraterrestrial life - deeper and more profoundly than ever before - by supporting the introduction of the SETI Live platform, developed by Zooniverse. SETI Live will enable members of the public to analyze data coming from the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). This March, SETI will work with live data and call upon citizen scientists to identify potential signals from extraterrestrials. By the end of the month, the real-time analysis of community members will actually decide what the ATA observes next. Both Science's programming and links on sciencechannel.com will drive traffic to SETI Live."

"ARE WE ALONE? started with a wish that Center for SETI Research director, Dr. Jill Tarter, made at the TED Conference in response to winning the annual TED Prize. Dr. Tarter sought help in her mission to trigger the most meaningful search for extraterrestrial intelligence to-date by uniting all individuals who have ever looked to the sky and thought, "are we alone in the universe?" Answering SETI's call was the thought-leading TED group that then enlisted SCIENCE, entertainment's home for deep science content. Together, the three organizations have combined for a multimedia, call-to-action campaign that will mobilize those curious about life beyond Earth to turn their passion into action."


What does this mean for setiQuest?

  • I expect a large influx of new setiQuest forum members who have a lot of questions.
  • SETI Live will replace setiQuest Explorer as the project's featured Citizen Science app.
  • Real-time data will be available through the SETI Live app. I hope that the raw data files will be available for download like with Planet Hunters.

[Update: The question of "will SETI Live be a walled garden and have an integrated forum like all of the other Galaxy Zoo projects?" was asked at the community-meeting-2012-01-17. There won't be an influx of new setiQuest forum members if SETI Live has its own forum system.]

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Sounds interesting. Is there

Sounds interesting. Is there a preview of that SETI Live application?

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