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SETILive Grand Opening

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SETILive Grand Opening!

In beta test mode till March 6, 2012.
We are embarking on a new chapter of Citizen Scientist involvement. It is called SETILive. You can help with the SETI search by helping us visually analyze data in real-time and find signals.
See http://setiquest.org/blog/setilive for our high level introduction, or jump right in by visiting http://setilive.org.

SETILive is a collaboration between the SETI Institute, TED, Science Channel and Zooniverse. We have been working on this project for about a year now. It is officially starting on March 6, 2012, but you can start now if you like, beta testing.
Please keep in mind that the project is currently in beta testing phase, at least until March 6, 2012. Until many of the small operational problems are cleared up you may experience the site being at times slow or unresponsive, or various elements not perfrming as you think they should. Please keep im mind these are being addressed. Please try again, be patient.
We can discuss the program in general here, but soon there will be forums on the http://setilive.org site where the active discussions should take place with the rest of the active SETILive comunity.


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I liked your Sherlock Holmes

I liked your Sherlock Holmes "How it Works" graphic so much that I stole it for the wiki page. http://setiquest.org/wiki/index.php/SETI_Live Thanks.

One thing I've found on the SETI Live website that's a bit unsettling is a complete lack of any mention of setiQuest.  It is like we don't even exist.  That feels so rough.  Where do they think all those incredibly awesome test signals came from?

[Comment: A similar concern regarding the setistars.org site and the seti.org main page has been discussed in the past at the IRC community meetings. The SETI Institute needs to do a better job promoting setiQuest on its own website properties. The setiQuest project needs this type of free publicity if it is expected to grow.]

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I've been asked to be silent

I've been asked to be silent about my thoughts by Lou Nigra: http://talk.setilive.org/discussions/DSL10000zg?page=10#4f5799ea3aeeb30dc1003255

I would be interested to know if there is actually any reason to believe - as Jill does - that paranormalists would be much of a problem if there was a steady stream of raw data coming from this project. At this point it seems more like an excuse: "Don't think we do a good enough job? What - you're a paranormalist?"

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Here are two interesting

Here are two interesting Chicago Tribune articles about about the people who made and who use SETI Live:

Citizen scientists search for alien life

Writing about SETI, seriously: Make it about the signal, not little green men

I've noticed that the number of people classifying SETI Live signals has dropped significantly over the past couple weeks. I'm not sure why. It's Friday evening here in California and 7 people are currently classifying SETI Live signals at a total rate of 3 classifications per minute. That's quite a drop from the triple digit numbers of a month ago. A new follow up feature is on the way which may boost SETI Live activity: