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Stephen Hawking's recent comments about not contacting Aliens

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While this isn't the first time he's publicly stated that we should not communicate with other intelligent species, this is the first time it's getting some prime-time press (that i can recall). Which I think is quite fun. As much I respect his physics, I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Hawking in this respect. He uses a VERY weak analogy, "If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans".

While I think humans today are still VERY violent, that is evolving away. War and conquest are no longer needed for our species to survive. In fact, it is necessary that we stop. In a few thousand years we will surely all get along or not exist. If an intelligent species was able to traverse the galaxy to contact earthlings, it would not be about conquest or harm they wish to inflict upon us. When we are able to travel to intelligent life we discover on other planets, we will not conquer them (regardless of what "Avatar" says :-) My guess is that intelligent life across the galaxy is quite similar to humans in a "moral" aspect.

Time will only tell! What are your thoughts on this?

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@ do you think the intelligents spices wil be moral???

i guess they are not !!!...according to ur way when u compare the fiction with reality , the intelligent species are always evil with strength , may be the species could eliminate the entie solar system even before we start thinking of what the black magic they have done!!

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I agree, yet disagree with

I agree, yet disagree with Mr. Hawking.

When we think of intelligent life elsewhere, we shouldn't just assume that they'll invite us to their planet for a cup of tea and some buscuits. Yet at the same time why should we assume that they'll charge at us all guns (or other technological weaponry) blazing?

I think both scenarios are equally possible, it would just depend on our luck.

Look at earth as an example. Every human, every political party, every religion all have their very own outlook on how we should behave, who's to say that the aliens, if we were ever to contact them, would be ruled under a single planetary ideology.
If we contacted the wrong sect of the species, maybe say, our signal fell into the hands of the war hungry continent who are looking to, as we are, find planets of a livable habitat. If they are carbon based as we, they may very well decide that we're a good source of food, and our planet a good shelter and a new home.
That, would I'm sure you all agree, be a epic failure on humanities part.

If however our signals fell into the hands of those more friendly members of that species, their outlook may be "hey, maybe we could communicate with these so called humans and we can both share our technological wealth and knowledge and both prosper in this galaxy" Then it's a major success.

Personally, right now, while we're in our infancy as a space fairing species we should observe, not make our precense too obvious. If we observe possible intelligence, then we should think about contact.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough, and I can't say I have too much of a say in this whole debate, but I enjoy a debate, and this is definitely one of my favourite parts of science, and has been sinse I was very young. (which I still am, lol)

P.S. Also, sorry for the very long post.

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Stephen Hawking

On a whole, I think that it is a good thing to hear that Stephen Hawking believes in Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences. But, I think that there is harm done when such a respected public figure says that he perceives it as a threat. Truthfully, I was very disappointed in his reasoning.

IMHO, one of the biggest problems I see with Stephen Hawking's statements are the general public may perceive attempts to find signals from other intelligent species as a threat. Here is an example. This is a quote from one media source about this project: "Hawking’s warning contrasts with the excitement some are showing about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Just last week, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence said it was releasing its data to astronomers and researchers all over the world, hoping more people would join the search."

I do not see why they would characterize searching through data for a signal as a negative thing. Beaming signals to satellites for satellite TV has more risk.

As a new space faring species we are very young and inexperienced. We really do not know what to expect if we are ever able to contact another intelligent species. We should be cautious. But that is true with any new venture into the unknown.

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Arguably, if someone does

Arguably, if someone does find a signal from extraterrestrials, it will probably not be easy to keep a secret in a community as open as this one, and then it's just a matter of time before someone somewhere attempts to beam messages at the source. I can already imagine Putin rushing something together just so he can get headlines on the next days paper reading: "Russia sends first message to ET on behalf of all mankind".

That being said, if there are signals out there to be found, someone will eventually. We might as well get it over with.

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