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What do we want to accomplish with setiQuest?

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What value is setiQuest? And what are the goals of setiquest? These questions have been discussed again and again in irc weekly meeting. I think it will be better if discuss it in the forum as many members come on forums who don't come on irc. 

Some of the goals as perceived by me:
1. Sharing the code used by SETI.
2. Strategy and algorithm being used by SETI.
3.  Interaction with SETI.
4.  Data ( I know it has been stopped).

Dave Robinson
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My original reason for joining the Quest

My original motivation for joining the Quest was that after a lifetime of being involved with investigating, inventing and applying DSP algorithms aimed mainly at digging out signals buried in noise, I had hoped that once I had retired, then rather than allowing these skills to evaporate away, with the onset of senility, I considered  resurrecting my lifelong interest in Astronomy. I rejected Optical Astronomy, as my Pension wouldn't stretch to purchasing a telescope that was a patch on the instruments that I had used when I was a professional astronomer. I considered Radio Astronomy as being a possible option, I have never dabbled in this field, so I considered building myself a small observatory to supply data on which I could use to feed my interest in DSP.

However about 2 years ago Jill launched SETI Quest with all that I could dream of - a World Class Radio Telescope pointing a really interesting targets, and the raw data available to me to investigate how some of my DSP algorithms would cope with them.

I had also hoped to find that there existed on planet Earth people who shared my interest, could chat about anything that interested us in the field of astronomy, and specifically the philosophy of SETI, and do not consider it a complete waste of time. I was also hoping that active discussions would be buzzing regarding algorithm developments etc.

Alas I must keep on dreaming, The raw data is now drying up, nobody seems the slightest bit interested in off the wall discussions in the Forum, and the algorithms that I have tried to discuss are deemed to be too complicated to be useful, even though I believe the demonstrations have shown to be quite promising.

Fortunately I now have a TB disc full of the most interesting ATA data (thanks Rob, if you read this, it is a very generous gift which is much appreciated), so I have enough data to keep me going for the forseeable future. It seems such a shame that there is no one to share the enthusiasm and excitement of testng new approaches to processing the data; together we might have stood a chance at detecting ET (if it is there) but as a lone investigator, the chances of me stumbling upon the signal is vanishingly small.

Maybe its not to late to bring the Quest back to life, I can only hope.


Dave Robinson

Nigel Wallbridge
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Dave I am keen to get in


I am keen to get in touch to discuss how the knowledge developed here at Setquest can be applied in a somewhat different field.  Would you mind contacting me at nigel.wallbridge@vivent.ch?


Nigel Wallbridge