SETI Institute collects a large amount of interesting data from the sky (to the tune of 100 terabytes per day). We use this data for detecting signals from distant technological civilizations.

We understand that the data can be processed, transformed, correlated and analyzed in many different ways. We are eager to collaborate with you in using this data in novel and creative ways.

Will you volunteer to join us in this quest? If so, please sign up using the buttons on the top right of this page, and help us carry the dialog further by participating in forums. Please also feel free to email us if you have a great idea for repurposing of this data (our apologies in advance if we cannot respond to your mails immediately).

The first few sets of data are already available. We will be adding data sets roughly once every week. Please sign in to see the list of datasets available and access them below.

NB: In expection of being involved with other aspects of the projects, we have put in a large number of data sets (enough to average more than once a week until April 2011).

The setiQuest datasets can be found at