Licensing and Site Policies

The setiQuest site exists to support the participation of humans around the world in the ultimate search: the search for other intelligent life.

To support a broad and multilateral search, the SETI Institute and the setiQuest project have adopted certain website policies and licensing practices.

GPL LogoSoftware.  Software distributed on this site, including the wiki, is distributed under the terms of the licenses referenced with the distributions, generally the GPL, also known as "free open source."  Other licenses may be available from the SETI Institute for appropriate applications.

cc license logoWeb Content.  Postings on the setiQuest website, including the wiki, are licensed under the Creative Commons "CC-BY" license unless otherwise specifically noted.  Generally this means that under copyright later users are free to use and adapt the content with proper attribution.  No trademark license is granted to the SETI or setiQuest names and logos or those of third parties.

Bulk Posting.  It's generally inappropriate and unhelpful to paste and post entire pages from other sources such as wikipedia.  Links are more useful to most users.  The moderators of the site will be editing such posts out.