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Questions that potential GSoC applicants have asked. These answers may help other students too.


I am interested in applying for a idea in your ideas list. I am not getting proper response from the IRC channel so please guide me.

Our IRC channel is staffed only intermittently. If you have questions, please send an email to

I want to know that how I should proceed with it.

Please select the projects you want to focus on, and contact the mentor in the description. If there is no mentor, or you don't get a response to your email, please let me know. We will help you as much as we can.

Follow GSoC processes once you are ready with a project proposal.

Will I be asked to develop some new algorithms for SETI data analysis?

Only the last project requires you to develop a new algorithm. The rest are all coding-only projects.

I have some basic knowledge of C, but a better knowledge of JAVA. Should I apply?

While a lot of our code is in C/C++, there is plenty of Java. Besides, if you are interested, with a knowledge of Java and C, C++ should not be difficult to pick up. But, the ultimate decision is up to you. You will have to understand C++ code, and write in it.

So, given the technical knowledge I have, should I apply?

We encourage everyone to communicate with us on what their interests among the projects we have listed. You can also propose new projects.

Do you have other information resources for me?

Although the discussion thread is specific to only one of the projects ("Exploratory Techniques"), you can find a lot of good general advice about SETI and where to begin your proposal at

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