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Personal Details

Project Proposal

The name of the project from our list, or something else that you feel you would like to do, based on our open source code.

Academic Background

Please state parts of your academic background that are relevant to this project.

Previous Work Experience

Please describe what you have done in the past that may be relevant to this project. Please also describe other experiences.

Open Source Experience

If you have done open source work in the past, please tell us. Does not have to be relevant to this project; does not even have to be in software development.

A Rough Project Time-line

If you understand the project, we would love to get a rough project outline. This may not be the final project plan, but we want you to have thought about the project in advance. Feel free to contact Avinash Agrawal or Jon Richards if you have questions.

Contributor Licensing Agreement

You must be willing to sign the SETI Institute Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA), which has been patterned after Apache CLA. State this in the application.

Yes I will be willing to sign the SETI Institute Contributor Licensing Agreement.

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