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Google Sky Project

Create a browser based display widget that uses Google Sky to display the current targets the ATA is observing.


SETI has several large screen displays in the Mountain View office that currently display World of SETI. These displays show current observing status and display an interesting thing for visitors to look at. Part of this display is a Google Sky window in a browser that displays the area and location we are looking at.

The existing Google Sky display we have is limited and not very easy to use in other places - it needs to be re-written as a nice clean widget that can display in a browser and be controlled using javascript. With a lot of extra capabilities added.


  1. One JS file will contain all the code for controlling the Google Sky widget.
  2. A second JS file will contain the code to query the feeds at will be used in real time to determine if we are observing, and what targets we are observing. Then this code will direct the Google Sky widget to display accordingly.
  3. Documentation and examples to make it easy to use.


The Google Sky Widget should be able to display the following:

  1. Display the 3 targets we are currently observing. Pins at these locations and the widget automatically zooms in appropriately.
  2. Zoom out and display the entire Kepler field - sort of like in this Kepler Field image:
  3. Accept a KML file as input and display its contents. External JS code should be able to specify zoom level and center display location.

The Controller JS should be able to

  1. Query for current observation status.
  2. Direct the Google Sky Widget to display what is currently being observed, or the Kepler Field, or from a KLM file.

Further Discussion

Let's dicuss and refine the project and requirements in the setiQuest forum

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