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The setiQuest Data Tutorial Project

Intern working on this project: Kyle Snodgrass

The setiQuest project has posted a lot of data collected from the Allen Telescope Array.

Some setiQuest members interested in the data have expressed confusion when trying to understand and use the setiQuest Data.

The goal of this project is to create some tutorials showing EXACTLY how to download the data and use it in some popular programs. The first will be for Octave, the second will be for other applications TBD.

Phase 1

This will be to create a tutorial on what the data is, how to use it, how to load it into Octave, how to do something with the data in Octave. This tutorial should take into consideration that the potential reader needs to start at a very basic level, they are not computer experts. This way, all will have the chance to understand.

The tutorial will contain the following:

Write the tutorial here: setiQuest Data tutorial octave


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