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Why not use the baudline signal analyzer as a base component for this project? Baudline can perform a power autocorrelation on the setiQuest Data with this command line:

cat *.dat | baudline -stdin -format s8 -channels 2 -operation magnitude -transform autocorrelation

Another idea worth considering is the creation of DSP "SETI filters" that perform some unique weak signal detection techniques. The data interface would use standard input and output (stdin/stdout). I envision integrating these "SETI filters" with baudline by using a command line like:

cat *.dat | seti_filter | baudline -stdin -format le32f -channels 2 -quadrature

The channels option could even be set to 4 so the raw quadrature (I/Q) pair could be compared side-by-side with the seti_filter's quadrature pair. Autocorrelation could also be performed.

Many GNU Radio users have incorporated baudline into their research. Here is a great wiki page that demonstrates how they did it . Instead of reinventing the wheel, reusing existing tools like baudline makes a lot sense. SigBlips 09:27, 10 March 2011 (PST)

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