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The Activity runs as a thread and receives communication via a message queue. The implementation of the Activity is hidden in ObserveActivityImp. Messages that the Activity receives are stop, create Recent RFI Mask, prepare Follow up Candidates, Send Candidates to DXs for Secondary Processing, and Resolve Candidates.

The Activity sends point and tune requests to the telescope and beamformers. After the telescope is on target and the beamformer is ready, the Activity creates an Activity Unit for each DX to handle all the communication to and from that DX. The Activity coordinates all the Activity Units so that they are synchronized to start at the same time and wait for completion of all units before proceeding to the next state.

The Activity creates an ActivityUnit for each DX. see startDxs and createActivityUnit


~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/Activity.h ~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/

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